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Friday, January 30, 2015

Mumbai 31.01.2015

Dear All
Take few minutes and have a Glance of last year Mumbai Result dated 01/02/2014. We will get feeling of Caution.

After having a Glance of today race card it looks similar and such that above message in the interest of Readers.

Always look for good value odds And skip the race, if any slight negative. No harm to my understanding.

[1] Soothsayer [6] Sail Past [7] Ventura

[6] Beach Game [7] Flanker [8] Bullion Express

[10] Maisha [1]Ranthambhore[7] One kept Secret

[6] Schiehaillon [9] Nicanor [13] Awesome Knight

[8] Bon Vivant [10] Egyptiana [9] [Cha Cha Cha


[7] The Messiah [6] Niobrara [8] Victorio
[Take 3 horses combination polls]

[5] Gascony [1] Lancelot [4] Eternal Royalty

[8] Shaughnessy [14] Peppercorn [3] Chase the Ace

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bangalore 30th January 2015

Nice Card placed on Classic Day

1. {Run of the Race}
[2] New Victor [3] Shubh Rani [4] Red Angel
New Victor [4th to MOHER in race no 138 1200M after forward Run. Same jockey astride. Positive equipment has been install and based on previous running style is the right decision. Check the positive trend at race time which will give a clue. Should place. Win NOT far away.]

Shubh Rani [Nothing much to on say. 6th to TALENTBURST in race non122 1400M. 2kg down. Same jockey astride. Track ork notice astride RB along with 3 year old animal.

Red Angel [ Should Place]

2. {Betting Range}
[10] Brown Panter [5] Masked Marvel  [8] Cheddar Face
Brown Panter [Is Ready to strike any day. 6th to Too good POWE OF TIME in race no 125 1200M. 1kg down. Jockey change to Nitin N Singh who has done so far good to his ablity in this centre. Should Run a bold race here.]

Masked Marval [Impressive 2nd to FAUSTINA in race no 110 1200M. Same weight and jockey change to P.Trevor. No track after that Run. Will be favourite. Should be in Fighting Line]

Cheddar Face [can be useful for all polls]

[2] Admir [12] One to Note [3] Shideh
One to Note [Another horse to note till WIN unless untill there is No FITNESS PROBLEM.] If any Upset Will be Right there.]

4. [Maiden @ Risk]
[4] Ones Own [1] All in [7] Valliant Spirit
Ones Owm [Working Extremely good on tracks with same jockey who is riding today. Should run a bold Race.]

All in [3rd in race no 59 and trackin well with same jockey who is riding today, Should be in fighting line]

Valiant Sprit [Not so impressive for win and will be favourite.Ignore]

5. [upset will be in store]
[2] Hector [8] Reanna [2] Saltoro Ridge
Hector [5th to WILD WILD ANGELS in race no 127 1400M. 5kg level advantage on promotion. Samme jockey astride. No track work. Handicap Chance]

Reanna [6th to Too Good  NIMFEA  without much try. Extended trip will suit better based on previous run. 1kg down. Jockey change to P.S.Chouhan. Good on tracks. Should Place. Can upset]

6. [Interesting Race]
[6] Whispering Gallery [8] Emperor Cruise [7] Constantine
Whispeing Gallery [Keep a Note that, if Any horse who have placed Behind the Winner, (who has Created the Course Record) will go all out and try his luck to win next outig and on that line including Good Speedrtaing number to this horse and jockey change to A.Sandesh Should Run a Bold Race here]

 [2] Turf Tactics [4] Native Force [3] King Gloreieux

8. [Run of the Race]
[1] Air Tight [9] Game Dancer  [6] Cullinan
Air Tight [Nothing much to say. If Reproduce the track work Create create a Flutter here]

Game Dancer [Will try Start to Finish Attempt]

[12]I Smile  [10 Somerset Rose [7] Ace Mesmerise

Jackpot Combination
[12] 8 2
2 4 3

Have a Superlative Day

On Request Horary Directional Chart Which will be Handy After FIRST RACE RESULT ONLY... and today Day Value Venus [2]
 7 [15]  Venus             [14] 2
[10] [20] Saturn Sun [11] 5
4 [18] Moon Jupiter  [19] 9
1 [16] Mars.               [17] 8
3 [12] Mercury.         [13] 6

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mysore [29.01.2015]

The card looks mixed.

1. [1] Cosmic Touch [9] Subhagya [8] Silent Trust
Cosmic Touch [Experience Sire in this bunch. Withdarwn in race no 71 1400m due to lame  3rd to ALDORADO in race no 47 1200m. 1kg dow. Jockey chang to Sahanawaz. Good on tracks. [Should Run a Bold Rce.]

Subhagya [Impressive 3rd to STARFORMATION in race no 71 1400M. 2kg up.Same jockey astride. Should Place. ]

SIlent Trust [Can be useful for all Polls]

2. [2] Zamindar [3] Beautiful Green [10] Iridum
Zamindar [4th to FILTINGKING in race no 74 1400M. Demote well placed. Jockey change to A.Viswanath. working extremely good on tracks astride RB along with class III animal. Should Place.Can Win]

Beautiful Green [Good 3rd to THEAEMIST in race no 64 1100M. Same weight and jocky atride. Should be in fighting line]

Iridum [Can be useful all pools]

3. [1] Halina [3] Alloy [12] Tandav
Halina [With the benefit of Mock Race Should run a bold race]

Alloy [5th to SMOKEHEAD in race no 81 1400M. 1kg up. jockey change to A.Ramu. Extented trip will suit better.

Tandav [Should Place]

4. [5] Protector of Paris [8] Capitano [2] Bourbon Street
Protector of paris [Ignore all runs. Should run a bold race here]

Capitano [If any upset, will be right there]

5 [1] Indian  [6] Natural Nine [9] Counter Point
Indian [Ignore race no 84 1200m. Winner in race no 70 1400m with shoe the horse fit. Agin same shoe install and also same jockey given a chance to ride. Can defy the penalty 5.5 up

Natural Nine [Should Place]

[10] Speedy Amigo [11] Campeon [9] Divine Love
Speedy Amigo [Second to SIVANTA in race no 84 1200M. Jockey change to Chetan Kalay. Running now in Higher Class [Handicap Chance]

Campeon [Running first time this season. Working extremely good on tacks astride RB along with class IV animal. This trainer always shine when least expected. [Caan be useful for all Polls-]


8. [9] Access All Arenas [7] So Good to se You [4] Blazing Passion
[Take forecast combination polls 3 horses]
Access All Arenas [5th to SANCY in race no 73 1100m. 3.5kg down. Jockey change to A.Ramu. Gate practice notice. Can UPSET]

So Good to se you [Can be useful for all polls]

Blazing Passion [Should Place]

9. [12] Mountain Glory [6] Queen Color

Jackpot combination
1  6  9
[10] [11] [9]

On Request Haro Chart for the Day Value Saturn [10]

5 [11] Sun   Saturn  [20] [10]
4 [18] Moon Jupiter [19] 9
1 [16]  Mars.             [17] 8
8 [12]  Mercury.       [13] 6
2 [14]  Venus            [15] 7

The chart (Will / Not) be handy after first race result.

Rest of selected choice explanation if possible will updated on race day around 10.30 am

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Malakpet 27.01.2015

The race card looks tricky

1. [1] Junior  [4] Chandraja [2] Gayle Force

2. [8] Manogamini [11] Wine N Dine [5] Aaksh Vani

3. [1] City of Wonders [9] Sefarina [8] Princess Hina

4. [5] Thats mt Darling [4] Rock Baby Rock [1]Morning Miracle

5. [5] Bouncer [1] Symbol of Choice

6. [2] Pakat Pakat Pakat [8] A Horizontal Urge [1] Kanoosh

7. [7] Ashok Chakra Go for Gold [6] Winjoy

8. [7] Vijays Triumph [13] Kohinoor Thunder [5] Audacious

9. [6] Walloper [5] Well Wisher

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bangalore Derby Day 26.01.2015

Dear All

To write a Healthy Message ~It will take Pain~ But to write Nuisances message   `It will take one micro Second~]
Those who are interested in Harary Directional Chart late Rajoji which (will or not)  Handy after First race result. {Based on Request}
Ruler ofvthe Day Mars [8]
Total of Dates 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62
 1 {16}    Mars.                      {17}  8
 3 {12}    Mercury                 {13}  6
 9 {19}    Jupiter Moon.      {18}   4
 2 {14}    Venus.                   {15}   7
........................................... {10}
{10} {20} Saturn  Sun.         {11} 5

MY Choice Views Based on |Speedrating and his Parameters.|

The card looks Good.

Keep this a Note, if we wager a horse, if same connection or trainer Placed a horse in that Horse NO HARM TO WAGER that horse Also.
we have seen nowadays to ofen this type tacktics involving.

Keep a Eye, if trainer or connection Waiting for Double.

Selected choice are within Micro Seconds and do your study and pick the Right one or omit.

Race No 1 [Upset will be in Store]
[8] Vito [4] Allez Royale [7] Alecia
Vito [4th to WHY SHOYLD I in race no 83 1100M. 2kg up. Jockey change to Ganeshwar.
Good on Tracks. Trainer placed a Runner in Derby Race. Should run a bold Race.

Allez Royale [5th to WHY SHOULD I in race no 83 1100M. 2kg up. Jockey change to T? S.Jodha. No track work after that run. Should be in figthing line]

Alecia [2nd to RICH REVIVAL in race no 77 1100M. 3.5kg up.  Jockey change to P.Trevor. Good on tracks astride RB. Will be favourite. Default contender based on Trainer.]

Race No 2 [Betting Range]
[12] Heaven is Here [8] Ravelination [1] Oxford Opion
Heaven is Here |Classic Sire, Impressive 2nd to SUN MOON AND STARS in race no 96 1200M. 4kd down. Jockey change to S.Zervan. Extra trip will suit better based or previous running style. Good on tracks. Should win |

Ravelnation |3rd to ARECA WONDER in race no 84 1100M. 2kg down. Jockey change to I? Chisty. {Jockey I.Chisty, yet to get his old form,will get only time matters} working extremely good on tracks with same jockey who is riding today.  Sould Place |

Oxford Opinion | Winner in Race no 112 1200M. 2kg up. Same jockey astride. Good on tracks|

Race No 3 [Small field @ Risk]

Race No 4 [Small field @ Risk]
[5] Star of Destiny [7] Connemara

Race No 5 [Betting Range]
[8] Spanish Moon [10] Youre Ashwashakthi [1] Mandarin
Spanish Moon | Best in Rating. Good 3rd to STIMULATOR in Race no 98 1200M. Jockey change to David Allan. Good on track with same jockey who is riding today. This traier alway shine on Big Race Day. Should run a bold race Here.|

Youre Ashashakthi |Bet for Jockey|

Mandarin | Should Place|

Race No 6 [Between First Two]
[11] Manta Ray [6] Power of Time [2] Micky Mose
Manta Ray |5th to ROYAL REIN in race no 80 1400M. 1.5kg up. Jockey change to Arshad Alam. Working Extremely good on tracks with same jockey who is Riding today. Should Place. Can Win. |

Power of Time | best in rating due to previous impressive win in lowe class. Now running on Promotion. Same jockey asride. Working Extremely good on tracks with same jockey who is Riding today. Should be in fighting line and will be favourite. |

Micky Mouse | Can be useful for all Polls|

Race No 7 [Intereting Race]
[10] Torch Bearer [3] Bold Majesty [11] Alameda
Torch Bearer | 3rd to QUASAR at Calcutta (Derby) in race no 57 2400M. Same jockeyastride. Good on tracks with same jockey who is ridig today. Should run and a Bold Race|

Bold Majesty | Classic Sire. Inform Horse. Maintain Winning Form. Will be Favourite |

Alameda |Hyderabad Horse. Given a Jot to Athens in race no 115 2400M. Jockey change to P.S. Chouhan. Working Extremely good on tracks with same jockey who is Riding today. Can Upset |

Race No 8
[1] Capitalize [7] Summer Dawn [9] Conquistador

Race No 9
[8] Summer Gold [1] Atlas Power

Have a superlative Day...

Hyderabad Derby Day 25.01.2015

Good Morning

The  Derby Day card looks good and mixed as expected on paper and reality of stamina  regarding Derby race winner is almost in the Heart of Every Racing Enthusiasm.  On that line we can except some bouncer or upset before derby race and also One after that race to upset jackpot and other polls.

Keep a Eye on Double if any coonection have won or placed earlier.

Always make it a habit, if we wager any horse of that race, and same trainer or r owner place another horse NO HARM having small Hedge.

1. [7] Red Express [5] Khoshgel [4] Flowe Roll Up
Vijay Vidhata will be favourite.

2. [5] Karomshade [1] Odysseus

3. [11] Arrey O Samba [4] True Pearl [2] Aston Doulton
[Upset will be in Store]

4. [6] Vijay Sakhi [12] Dancing Farha [4] Parade Queen

5. [9] Danielle [4] Upon A Star [3] Red Rambble
[Run of the Race]
Danielle [Good Second to STRIDES OF LUCK in race no 104 1400M.
Well placed in rated on promotion. Jockey change to A.K.Pawar. Tracking well after that Run. Extented trip will suit better based on previous run.] If run on Merit |Should Place. Can Win|

Upon a Star [Can be useful for all polls]

6. [7] Enigma [6] Vijjays Victory [4] Gentle Chief

7. [6] Musk Melon [5] In Reality [9] Aware
[Upset will be in Store]

|Keep this in Mind, last year Roses in Bloom won at longer odds astride Suraj Narredu and even second horse sovereign rule was upset and favourite 90/100 Sourthern Emperor finished 3rd|

I will decided at race time to Enjoy the race or small on win good on SHP Place at longer odds.

9. [12] My Star [7] Desire [5] Movie Moghual

10. [1] Cloud Dancer [2] Kianoosh [10] Sonic

Have a Superlative Day

Horary Directional Chart Based on Request.
Ruler of the Day Venus {7}
Total of Date 16, 25, 34, 43, 52

 2  [14]  Venus.                [15]  7
10 [20]  Saturn  Sun.      [10]  5
 4 [18] Moon  Jupiter.    [19] 9
 1 [10] Mars.                    [17] 8
 3 [12]  Mercury.             [13]  6

This chart (will or not) helpful after the first race Result.

Friday, January 23, 2015

☆Horary Directional Chart ~ posted @ 9.40AM☆ {Mumbai 24.01.2015}

Dear All
A long well filled card placed at Mahalaxmi Track. Have patience and look for good value race based on your Study and ignore small field which is always a Risk.

Always note that, if we wager any horse of that race, same connection or trainer placed another horse no harm having small hedge on that.

If Trainer or conection waiting for Double, keep a Eye, especially longer odds.

Longer odds, always wager place than small hedge on win/ SHP.

Race No 1 1200M [Betting Range]
[4] Dark William [11] Alta Strada [6] Phelps
Dark William [4th to EXTREME LOVE in race no 95 1000m, after forward run. 1kg up. Jockey change to P.Trevor. No track work after thatt Run.Can Win]

Alta Strada [ First Run on debut age 5. Good on tracks. Should run a bold race]

Phelps [Can be useful for all pools]

Race No 2 1200m [Maiden at Risk]
[3] Tennessee [2] Espada [8] Zahrazan
Tennessee [Working Extremely good on tracks.Should Run a bold Race on Debut]

Espada [Nice Sire. Good on tracks. Can be useful for all polls]

Zahrazan [Working extrenely good on tracks along with class IV animal]

3. 1600M [Small field @ Risk]
[2] Rule Downunder [1] Zachary

4. 2000M [Longer Distance and small field at risk]
[3] Samba Warrior [1] Storming Home

5. 1200M [Maiden @ Risk]
[7] Sentimental [6] Myrtlewood [4] Another Ace

6. 1600M [Upset will be in Store]
[4] Incandescent [13] Gleaming Gold [9] Hoshyaar
 Incandescent Ignore race no 68 1600m. Working Extremly good on tracks after that Run. Should Win]

Gleaming Gold [Can be useful for all polls]

Hoshiyaar [Should Place]

7. 1400M [Run of the Race]
[8] Theory [11] Two Oceans [3] Shivalik Skies
Theory [Ignore all the Runs. Tracking well. Active in swimming poll. Can create a flutter here]

Two Oceans [Impressive 5th to THERE SHE GOES in race no 82 1000m.2.5kg down. Extra trip will suit better based on previous running. Should be  in fighting line]

Shivalik Skies [Will try start to finish attempt]

8. 1200M [Betting Range]y
[6] Wish upon A Star [12] Dancing Splendour [4] Saravannah Sound
Wish upon A Star [Ignore Race no 104 1400m. Winner in race no 66 1200m. Tracking well with same jockey who is riding today. Should Place. Can win.] [only worry New trainer]

Dancing Splendour [IF any fluke, will be r ight t there]

Savannah Sound [Distance will be sharp, Should be in fighting line]

9. [1400M Small field at Risk]

10.[6] Antartica Zone [10] Umarkot [5] Cosmic Dancer
{Take combination pools 3 horses}

First Jackpot Combination {3 4 5 6 7}
4 [13] 9
8 [11] 3

Second Jackpot Combination -{6 7 8 9 10}
8 [11]  3
6 [12]  4

[11] 2800M [Enjoy the Race]

|Ruler of the Day Mercury [6]
Total of Days {15, 24, 33, 42, 51}
 3 [12]  Mercury             [13]  6
 9 [19]  Jupiter  Moon   [18]  4
 2 [14]        Venus.          [15]  7
[10] [20]  Saturn.           [11]  5
1      [16]   Mars.              [17]  8

Have a Superlative Day....

Calcutta 23.01.2015]

1. [3] Exclusive Colours

2. [3] Gonna be  Rokstar [2] Fruit N Nut

3. [4] Divine Dimension [2] Sugar Sweet

4. [5] People Prime [9] Drummrrs Qualms [7] Chimeric
{Upset will be in Store]

5.  [3] Ocean and Beyond [1] Captain Courageous [8] Circle of Bliss
[Interesting and Run of the Race]

6. [4] Cool Hunter [9] Sovier Dancer

7. [7] Sreeyantra [5]  Secret Builder

Jackpot Combination
5 9 7
3 1 8
4 9

Always look for good odds and first cover with place and small hedge on win|Shp based on race time indication.
Have a Superlative Day

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mumbai 22.01.2015

Card looks Good.

unable to give explanation of selected horse due to internet connection.

Second Jackpot Combination. [5 6 7 8 9]
[Posted on race day]

[15] [14] 5 [11]
3 1 2
2 7

1. [2] Summer Express [4] Blend of Elegance [4] Flash Drive

2. [6] Chlobud [8] Loveable Looks [5] Samson

3. [6] Free Speech [7] Troppa Bella [3] Kazuri

4. [8] Queen of Venus [9] Shivaliks Glory  [4] Beau Royale

5. [9] Toast of Bombay [7] Spring Loaded [8] Sugar Bay

6. [15] Katniss [14] Amazon Cat [5] Padmakosa

7. [3] Daishonin  [1] Act of Valour [2] Apache

8. [2] Beyond Horizons [7] Remarkables [11] Midnight Dancer

9. [11] Joleene [13] Ulrika

ps.if possible before 10.30am details will be updated

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mysore 21.01.2015

1. [6] Kaguya Himel [9] Sufficient Proof [7] Passing Fancy

2. [10] Tandav [4] Rosies Dream [12] Demand Draft

3. [11] New Sunrise [4] Smokeheat [1] First Light

4. [12] Triple Victory[6] Best Move [10] Sharp Girl

5. [10] Lagoona [9] Gunpowder [2] Zoe

6. [11] Sivanta [5] Speedy Amigo [1] Flirting King

7. [3] Lake Emerald [10] Precept [7] Jolie

8. [2] Hallelujah [12] Strive and Serve [5] Thrillseeker

9. [10] Artic Rose [9] Queen

Jackpot Combination
[10] 9 2
3 [10] 7 9
2 [12] 5

Have a supelative Day.