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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

KOLKATTA [31.03.2015]

1. [1] Asian Rocket [7] Happy Kingdom

2. [5] Chinese Pride [4] Masuenada Lyrics

3. [5] Secret Talent [2] Temple Run

4. [10] Zurvan [4] Yokumoku


6. [2] Bizzarro [8] El Cid/No Politics Please

7. [10] Ambrose [8] Adora

Monday, March 30, 2015

New Delhi [30.03.2015]

[4] Blue Steel

[6] Mastar D Jokvic


[9] Ashwa Garima [10] Ashwa Preeti

[4] Bachelor Boy  [7] Comprehensive

[9] Fly Fly [11] Vocabulary

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Special Mumai Race [29.03.2015]

1. 1000M - Upset will be in Store]
[6] Big Bang [6] Miracle of Mercy  [13] War Princess
Big Bang [Impressive 6th to GLORIOURS CROWN in race no 253 1000M after forward Run. 1kg down. Sme jockey astride. Trainer N.LN.Lagad placed 3 Runners. Should Run a Bold Race here.]

Miracle of Mercy [Should Place]

War Princess [After leading till 800 finished 8th in race no 69 1200M. Well rested Same jockey astride. Track work notice after that Run. With 200M less chances are good at longer small investment even drawn no placed well.] [TS ON] [Can be useful for all polls]

2.  [1400M - Run of the Race]
 [9] Rocking [10] Romantic Beauty [8] Administrate
Rocking [4 Horses has been placed by Trainer H.J.Anita. Second to IN MY LIFE after covered good ground. Same weight and jockey astride. Extended trip will suit better based on previous running style but intention of which horse he will try is Question Mark. Any how on Merit Can upset]

Romantic Beauty [Comes in reckonering in race no 134 3rd to ZAZOU 1800M. Half kg down jockey change to Merchant. Should Place]

Administrate [Default Contention]

3. [1400M Small Field and big name always at Risk]
[2] Congressional [4] Polydences

4. [1600M Small field at risk]
[1] Bold Appeal [5] Carima

5. [1200M - Upset will be in Store]
[6] Captain Abdon  [3] Ice Gate [2] Logano

Captain Abdon [5th to HEAD FOR HEADS in race no 252 1200M. Half kg down. Jockey change to D.K. Ashish. Should Run a Bold Race ]

Ice Gate [5th to STAR in race no 259 1000M. 2kg down. Jockey changee to S.J. Sunil. Extended trip will suit better. Should be in Fighting Line]

Logano [Should Place]

6. [1800M - Small field at longer Distnce @ Risk]
[4] Authentic [1] Alaindar

7. [1400M - Betting Range]
[10] Cool Runnings [8] Leothefiercehorse [1] Zana
Cool Runnings [4to DRAMARAMA in race no 238 1400M Easy Run. Jockey change to R.Ajinkya. 3kg down. Handicap Chance]

Leathefierencehorse [Ignore Previous Run. Running Right Distance. If any Upset will be right there]

Zana [Defaut Contender]

[9] Tahrir [6] Melinda

Have a Superlative Day and As Always look for positive good value odds and ignore or skip it it is negative trend.


[2] Alicante [3] Bernardino


[3] Analyst [8] Chhundu


[2] Copernicus

[6] Mister Positive [8] Princess Thea

[4] Isle of Avalon [5] Fite of Honour

Friday, March 27, 2015


1. [3] Tarantino [4] Bhitski

2. [2] Miss Hiegl

3. [3] Black Diamond

4. [5] Rios Girl [7] Gucci Water

5. [7] Golden Route [8] AsAshwa Sanwri

6. [5] Chepetzhuha

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mumbai [26.03.2015]


2. [1200M - Run of the Race]
[2] Brazil [7] Mumbai King [11] Starriano
Brazil {Well place on Demote. Same jockey astride. No track work but consistent in pools. Should Run a Bold Race Here]

Mumbai [Should Place]

Starriano {Working good on tracks with same jockey who is riding today, If any fluke, will be right there}

3. [1200M - Betting Range]
[4] Ramesses [9] Soothsayer [2] Himalayan Queen
Ramesses [3rd to CENTAURUS in race no 77 1600M. 4.5kg down. Jockey change to S.Zervan. it is always risk if it is in betting range where place payout may be money back.]

Soothsayer [5th to TAP DANCER in race no 236 1000M after covering good ground. 1.5kg up. Jockey change to P.Trevor. Tracking well after that Run. SupsetShould be in Fighting Line]

Himalayan Queen [Default Contenter]

4. [1000M - Upset will be in Store]
[4] Grand Monarch [5] Polar Zone [9] Striking Shadow
Grand Monarch {Ignore previous run after forward run finished 12th 1000M. Jockey change to S.J.Sunil. 2.5kg down. In earlier race finished 2nd to ASHRAFIE in race no 191 1200M with same jockey who is riding today. Should Run a Bold race here]

Polar Zone [Should Place]

Striking Shadow [Can be useful for all polls]

5. 1200M Betting Range]
[4]Pepito [1] Superlicous [5] Free Speech
Joshua [Best horse. Blood Vessel. Running after long layout. Track work good. I normally  ignore horses which has fitness problem, if it it win, let it be So. Any how will be in betting range]

6. [Interesting Race to Watch]
[2] Frankest [8] Judicious [4] Niobrara
Frankest {Nice bred. Working good on tracks with same jockey who is riding today. Can create a flutter on debut, if run on merit] Trainer placed 2 Runners.

Judicious [Good on tracks. Should be in Fighting Line]

Niobrara [Will be favourite and Default Contender]

[9] Nevada [11] Peppercorn

Have a superlative Day..

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kolkata [25.03.2015]

1. [Upset will be in Store]
[2] Sunshine Dancer [3] Bold Desire [7] Vani

2. [Betting Range]
[5] Shivalik Shakti [3] Yerevan

3. [Small Field at Risk]
[1] Elusive Hurricane [5] Ambrose

4. [Upset will be in Store]
[3] The Talisman [2] Annie Oakly [1] Gimme Credit

5. [Interesting Race to watch]
[2] Captain Courageous [7] Gentle Knowledge [3] Dandified

6. [Betting Range]
[4] Follow the Dream [9] Major Colours [1] Evesam

[6] No Politics Please[ Can UPSET all Calculation. Small hedge at longer doesnot harm anyone.] [Updated on race day at 9.30am]

7th to ANBIORN in race no 226 1400M. 1kg down same jockey astride. In Previous race finished second to EVESHRAM whose weight increased to 3.5 kg up and jockey change to Munna Alam and subsequently Wild card which ran in race no 126 and 80 against No politics ahead but weight has almost increased 3kg and NPP increased only 1kg Running suitable distance can turn the table with start to finish attempt.

[5] Modus Vivendi [9] Sreeputra

Have a Superlative Day...

Delhi [24.03.15]

[5] Dazzling Class [1] Amazing Bolt

 [3] Chinglish [5] Jhilmil

[1] Inauma [6] Miss Burberry

[4] Elegant [3] Three Tripple One [6] Miss Monroe

[5] Rose [3] Gulmarg

[6] Sweet Sophia [7] Tez Raftar

Monday, March 23, 2015


1. [Small Field at Risk]
[3] Miss Castle [4] Lionhearted Lady

2.[Small Field at Risk]
[4] First One [3] Ice On the Moon

3. [ 3 out of 7 one trainer ]
[3] Forest Ranger [5] Mini Cooper

4. [Small field at Risk]
[3] Snoopy Loopy [6] Ahoy

5. [Upset will be in Store]
[12] Starlet [7] Ashwa Gunjan [1] Black Arrow

[7] Curiosity [6] Aali Janaab

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mumbai [22.03.2015]

My Views and Explanation on Race Day around 8.00AM.

As always look for good value  odds wbith less investment or Skip the Race if any Negative Trend.

Please donot read my choice [123] which are within seconds and  race time clue may give indication where it will Stand.

1. [Betting Range - Best avoilable Race]
[8] IBis [1] Word of Honour [2] Lhotse
Ibis [Knocking the  door. Unlucky horse. Should be in fighting line.]

Wordof Honour [Last week ran second in race no 271 2000M. Jockey change to Santosh. Failed Favourite. Will try start to finish attempt]

Lhotse [Demote. Jockey change to on Prasad.SG. Should Place]

2. [Betting Range]
[6] Jimbo [2] In the Limelight [4] Beforememoriesfades

3. [Betting Range]
[6] Native Force [3] Just by Chance [7] Attraction

4. [Betting Range]
[5] Authority [6] Komandant [1] Hoshiyaar
Komandant [5th to APPACHE in race no 267 1400M. Same weight and jockey change to Mudassar. Extended trip will suit better based on previous run. If any upset will be Right there]

5. [Upset will be in Store]
[7] Alectar [11] Queen of Venus [1] Shaughness
Alectar [Good 5th to FLASHDRIVE in Race no 208 1600M after forward Run.. 2.5kg down. Jockey change to N.Rawal. Good on track with same jockey who is riding today. Should Run a Bold Race here]

Queen of Venus [SShould place and will be in Fighting Line]

Shaughness [Can be useful for all Polls]

6.  [1600M Run of the Race]
[5] Maximus [2] Shivalik Storm [4] Yours Royal Majesty
Maximus [Previous Run best ignore. 1kg down. Same jockey astride. Had a good forward where Zachary won. Can Score Here]

Shivalik Storm [Should Place again]

Yours Royal Majetsty [Inform Horse. Good on tracks. Handicap is stiff. Jockey change to P.Trevor. Will be favourite]

7. [Betting Range]
[5] Chritmas Eye [3] Magnifence [6] Desert Lilly

8. [Upset will be in Store]
[10] Reach the Stars [2] Pretty Hot [9] Padmakosa
Reach the Stars. [Impressive winner in race no 193 1400M. 3kg level up on promotion. Jockey change to A.Sandesh. Track work Notice after that Run. Can Repeat.]

Pretty Hot [Can be useful for all Polls]

Padmakosa [Failed Favourite in race no 201 5th to BLUE BAY 1000M. Half kg up. Jockey change to Merchant. If any Fluke will be Right there]