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Saturday, August 27, 2016


My choice for the Day

1.  {Upset will be in Store}
{4} Drogo {9} Kiss  from A Rose
Drogo {With the Benefit of Run and extended trip suit better based on Previous run , Track work notice after that run.} {Should run a bold Race en Here}

Kiss  from a Rose {Can be useful all polls}

2. {Run of the Race}
{2} Turf Dancer  {7} Stand and Dance
Turf Dancer {Winner in Race no 16  12m } Tracking well after  the Run} Good on tracks  after the run} Can Repeat.

Stand and Dance {Can be useful all polls}

3. {Betting Range}
{10} Unico Corazon  {7} Imitation Game

4. { Check the Tote Indication}
{13} Espada {1} Art Deco

5. {Betting Range}
{3} Sparkling Eyes {8} Makino

6. {Betting Range}
{5} Jack Frost  {2} Colombiana

7. {Upset will be in Store}
{4} Good thing {6} Temerity

8. {Maiden at Risk}
{5} Raees {9} Bounty Queen

{12} Admission  {2} Saha Shrabaahu

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Thursday, August 25, 2016


My Choice for the Day

1. {Betting Range}
{12} Flying Prince  {3} Emancipation {Check the Positive Tote Indication}
Flying Prince {Purely based on latest track work and inform jockey astride, Should Score here.}

2.  {Bad Race}
{1} Kir Royale {5} Ontime

3.  { Run of the Race}
{3} Birchwood  {2} Silent Trust
Birchwood {Ignore his first run in term race at bangalore. Running now in handicap race, without track work} Handicap Chance.

Silent Trust {Can be useful all combination polls}

4. {Betting Range}
{3} Ephialties  {6} Scaramouche

5. {Betting Range}
{2} Possimpossible  {10} Anmol Hira

6. {Upset will be in Store}
{8} Hilosboro  {9} Striking View {Default Contender}
Hillsboro {Ignore previous run at bangalore on Promotion.} Should Run a Bold Race Here.

7. {Betting Range}
{7} La Dona  {2} Bold March

8. {Check the Tote Indication}
{1} Tronada  {11} Star Nijinsky

{5} Tulip  {3} Champion Star

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shivalik Story Can Surprise {The HH SRI JW Memorial Cup} @ Mysore

Good Morning

Updating at 6.46am on Race Day My view in Race no 6 and wherever essential explaination has been mentioned.

Best in lot is Admiralofthe fleet and Multidimentional apart from Experience Gaswar.

The latter 2  {Clever Trick and Arrete} will be  tough to handle in this lot due to various  Parameters.

As probe says,  Outstation horses and also Reality based on History, are far superior in this  main Mysore  Season, but Local horses cannot be discounted as Mysore club  has became Independent and somewhere bouncer will lbe appear  including SHP/Place.

Best in lot is Sans Peur {Admiralofthefeet} and tracking well. Failed favourite in Prevoious  outing at bangalore. Distance and odds may not be comfortable to oblige, that is reason mentioned Default Contender. 

Yes, Another 2  contender will be in  Betting Range, Namely Referent {Captain Rio and Sir Majestic {Roi Maudit} Both are in good form but omitted here due to obvious  reason.

To my workout, SRTHEME suggested,  Betting Range and Speedrating workout, SS (2 Points Difference to Sans Peur)  

The western Speedy Customer {who has not done anything wrong} which fit all Positive Parameters here  and if trainer waiting for Double will have more advantage.  

Working Extremely Good on tracks with Same jockey who is riding today.

Can  Surprise all Calculation. 

{Shivalik Story - Acclamation - Sweeping Story usa}

1.{Upset will be in Store}
{11} One Step Ahead  {8} Brown Beauty

2. {Betting Range}
{5} Jump in the Red  {1} Heidrun

3. {Check the Tote Indication}
{5} First Step  {6} Repsol

4. {Run of the Race}
{2} Running Storm  {7} Masada  {Default Contender}

5. {Upset will be in Store}
{10} Veni Vidi Vici  {6} Cool Baby

6. {Betting Range}
{6} Shivalik Storm  {3} Sans Peur r {Default Contender}

7. {Betting Range}
{7} Little Man  {2} Umarkot

{10} Secret Prayer {1} Fabulous Touch  {Default Contender}

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