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Saturday, June 24, 2017


My Choice, along with SRTHEME.

Do look at Racetime trend, along your Homework, for the Day.

1. {Check the Tote Condition}
{8} Croziet  {10} Reformer

2. {Betting Range}
{8} Shaman  {5} Star Cracker

3. {Run of the Race}
{4} Hedwig  {12} Rare an Gold

4. {Upset will be in Store}
{4} Capo De Capi {15} Zenon 

5. {Between 2}
{4} Topspot {6} Ace Badraan

6. {Beting Range}
{6} Raw Gold  {4} Ultimate Magic

7. {Between 2}
{9} Mahasuvi  {13} Shamsadas Girl

Friday, June 23, 2017


My Choice, along with SRTHEME.

Do look at Racetim trend, along your Homework, for the Day.

1. {Small field at Risk}
{4} Internal Affair

2. {Check the Tote Indication}
{9} Extremely Dangerous {11} Simple Sum

3. {Betting Range}
{13} Avarua  {4} Namid

4. {Upset will be in Store}
{10} Aster Rose {9} Supreme General

5. {Between 2}
{2} Ark Royal  {11} Noble Sapphire

6. {Betting Range}
{8} Take Five  {2} Angel Power

7. {Run of the Race}
{10} Idealist {2} Flotus

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mysore {22md June 2017}

Dear All

My choice for the Day, as usual along with SRTHEME.

Do your homework and look at positive trend at Race Time.

1. {Between 2}
{9} Silvery Grey  {6} Amaris

2. {Run of the Race}
{2} Shared Belief  {4} Erebus

3. {Betting Range}
{8} Green Meadow  {6} Centurio

4. {Betting Range}
{1} Sardinia {6} Point

5. {Upset will be in Store}
{10} AL Dorado  {1} Alecia

6. {Small Field at Risk}
{1} Constantine

7. {Between 2}
{4} Brave Admiral {2} Saturn

{9} Albatross {7} Be Ready

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Dear All

My choice along with SRTHEME to my understanding and do your homework and look at posititive trend at race time.

1. {Bad Race}
{6} Feet on Fire {7} Celtic Mist

2. {Maiden at Risk}
{5} Out Rider {9} Panama

3. {Between 2}
{3} Flicka {9} Aerospeed

4. {Betting Range }
{9} Anacapri {7} Sporting Pleasure

5. { Run of the Race}
{12} Themis  {7} Kangra

6. {Upset will be in Store}
{11} Vallee Sceptre  {9} Psychic Warrior

7. {Between 2}
{12} Side W inder {8} Accolade

{3} Super Smart  {10} Donot Dilly Dally

Friday, June 16, 2017


Dear All

Due to Heath reason unable to  post.

Here are my  choices along with(SR Theme)  within 2, and do your homework
look AT positive trend AT race time.

1. (Maiden AT Risk)
(5)Hot N Firé (12)  Surprise Package

2. (Betting Range)
(11) New Mallet (8) Midnight Sky

3. (Run of the Race)
(7) High Hawk (8) Blue Sonic

4. (Betting Range)
(3) Fresh Start (9) Carolina

5. (Betting Range)
(12) Watch my Script (13) Rare Rhytm

6. (Upset Will be in Store)
(13) Marina Del Ray (9) Athena

7.  (Between 2)
(14) Track Striker (4) Air Distinction

(8) Lunar Storm (3) Santísimi Secret

Friday, May 12, 2017

"THE PTR" Contest - Bangalore Summer 2017 Contest in Indiarace.com

Dear All Contestants, Management Members, Coordination Units and @ ADMIN @ Indiarace.com

Greetings to you all from the PTR Contests Management Members and Judges Panel and Coordination Units.....

Here it comes, the much awaited "THE PTR Contests" 2017 Summer Contests. Please find below the detailed notes pertaining to the Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions and also the way forward for the same.

We trust this would enable everyone in the HT family to participate wholeheartedly and in response to the same we have fine tuned all the necessary ingredients required for the satisfaction of one and all connecting the contests and per se our Respected Contestants.

A Small note however is being put up to your kind notice before we commence the actual detailing of the contests.

This year the "THE PTR Contests" will be evolved around the three words which is " RECOGNIZE-REWARD-RESPECT" AND THE TERM PTR WILL BE KNOWN AS "THE PTR" AND this paradym shift is because of the change in Management thinking and a very great and instant response from our Space Sponsor and Heart of the Contest i.e. INDIARACE.COM, wherein we have planned to ensure apart from the success of the Contests, the sureshot Prizes to the successful contestants. We have worked as a team for the past 40 days to get it aligned for the benefit of each of the Contestant participating in the contest....

The three words "Recognize-Reward-Respect" is infact dedicated to each one of you in the HT Family and to be more specific our Respected Contestant.

We have in the process cleared with support from Indiarace.com all Legal issues and apprehensions we all had for so many years in rolling out such rewards and prizes. Offcourse, Contests to Contests, it shall be at the Discretion of INDIARACE.com for rolling out the future contests.
Name of the Contest        :-  “THE PTR” CONTESTS

Year applicable            :- 2017-2018

Submitted to               :- Contestants, Managing Committee and Panel Members

Submission  Date           :- 11/05/2017            

Applicability of the Contest and Tenure

A) It shall be applicable as follows:-

     The Management Proposes to conduct the “THE PTR” Contests from time to time during the Season Year of 01-04-2017 to 31-03-2018 applicable at Various RC’s. The Initial proposal is to commence for Bangalore Summer 2017 and for other venues, the Management shall go by case to case and decide on the contests and its roll outs.

B) Tenure :- The Contests tenure shall be permanent but for the purpose of understanding of one and all and for closing the performances of the Contestants and other statistical Data of the Contests, it shall be taken as one Year i.e. 01-04-2017 to 31-03-2018. The said period shall review all “THE PTR” contests being rolled out and concluded by venues.

C) The Rewards and performances shall be on Contest to Contest basis and the results declarations shall be accordingly.

D) Management Team and Data :-

The following is the Structure of the Management team.

A) Permanent Judge and Arbitration/Appellate Authority

Shri S K Sagar Ji shall be the permanent Judge to the Contests proposed. His decision shall be final and binding and no further queries shall be allowed whatsoever. He shall be deciding on all matters brought to his notice by the concerned Race Day Official Judges to the contests which otherwise most of the queries and disputes will be cleared by the concerned RDJ’s (SEE BELOW for Definition of RDJ's)  itself  in tandem with the recommendations of the 4 member Coordination unit.

B) Race-Day Judges (RDJ’s) and Panel :-

The Race-Day Judges shall be on board the contests and the panel so appointed shall be overseeing all matters brought to their notice by the Coordinators of the Contests and pertaining to the disputes/queries, giving opinions and clarifications and also decide on all matters of that day’s Contest of that venue. The following members shall be onboard to the contests:-

A) Shri Dharmesh Nagda 
B) Shri Albert Khare
C) Shri Raghavan Ji
D) Dr K R Nath Ji
E) Shri Shrikanth Ji

For the purpose of our understanding for these contests, as per the Availability of the above judges for that day’s contest, it is implied and expressive, the above term(RDJ’s)  may be read  as Either One of them or ALL or any two of them or severally for the smooth running of the contests.  The Tenure of the above judges for these contests are for a period of ONE YEAR commencing 01-04-2017 to 31-03-2018 and are eligible for re-appointment/extension.

C) Management Committee Members (Core Committee):-

To give support and Boost to the entire PTR series of Contests, there shall be a Five Member Management Committee who shall work for the overall development of the contests in discussion. The following members shall constitute the Committee.
A) Shri Dustin Torry
B) Shri Sirocco
C) Shri Libero
D) Shri SKumar
E) Shri Rakesh Menon

The Broad areas which will be covered by the committee are :-

1) See Overall Development of these contests
2) Stand as Approval authority for any new proposals and recommend
     the same
3) Assist,Take up matters, support, review, assign and decide on all
    matters pertaining to the development of these contests and roll
    outs and shall be a committee for all Core as well as Value added
    plans of these contests.

D) Coordinators to the Contests :-

The following members shall form the team of Coordinators :-
A) Shri SKumar
B) Shri Libero
C) Shri Rakesh Menon
D) Shri @ The Doc

The Role is to ensure smooth coordination of the contests proposed and also to escalate all issues and refer the same to RDJ’s and PJ. Unless and otherwise stated, they shall be taking all ground decisions during the entire tenure of the contests and anything above their Jurisdiction shall be referred as above.

E) Rules / Regulations of the Contest :-
1) Budget to each Contestant of 10,00,000.00 Notional Points for that
     venues TOTAL contest tenure.

2) Notional Bets applicable from contestants shall be on Win-SHP and
   Place bets only

3) Roll Bets are applicable for a Maximum of Two Rolls only

4) A Maximum of 1,00,000 NNP's per contestant shall be allowed as investments in NNP's PER DAY for a period first 10 days of the contest and from the 11th day onwards there shall be no capping on the investment by the respective Contestants.

5) The Contestants who uses all his budgets and maintains anything less than 500 Notional points is deemed to be out of the contest of that venue. For the purpose of understanding of one and all is that, the above said 500 NNP's is for all contestants who have come down to less than 10000 points in their respective accounts but maintaining a balance of 500 points or more shall be eligible to participate in the contests till such time their closing balance reaches less than 500 Points. At this point when his balance in his account reaches less than 500 NNP's he/she is said to be out of the Contest.

6) Minimum bets and its applicability.

However a minimum bet of 10000 Notional Point per contest day has to be placed by the respective contestants with further rule of a minimum bet of 500 Notional points on each Horse/ bet proposed.

7) This is Free Contest and No Financial Charge/cost are applicable whatsoever in these contests.

8) The aim of the Contest is to promote the Horse Racing sport and also to extract best talent and show case a healthy and competitive environment during the entire tenure of the contests.

9) The Contestants who are enrolling into the Contest shall be doing so with their own WILL and Consent and for the purpose of genuine sporting and recreation activity that these contests are intended for.

10) The decision of the Management and the Judges in particular are final and binding on all the contestants and no query or further correspondence shall be entertained by the Management. It is expressively and implied that the contestant/s agreed to this specific condition and also thoroughly read the said rules and regulations before enrolling their names into the contests.

11) The Entries and selections to each day contest should be posted before 30 Minutes of the commencement of the first Race of the Day.

12) The Pictures of the Prizes to the Winners and Runners-Up’s shown and displayed here are only Indicative and Suggestive and are likely to change in color, size, shape , design and is subject to availability.  However the Organisers will do their best to procure to the nearest and is not binding on them.

13) Each Contestant should update their respective scores and post the same within 48 hours of the conclusion of that Particular Race day.
F) Prizes and Rewards :-

A) INTRA VENUE Rolling shield :- A INTRA VENUE rolling shield is being organised. To start with Bangalore, the winner of Bangalore PTR will receive the said shield and Participates or Gives Proxy to collect the shield on his behalf during the presentation function being planned for and handover the same to the Organizer's and so on and so forth till the entire summer THE PTR contests are completed and on such completion of all contests, The champion of Champion of the total contests shall be finally be given the Rolling shield as the Prize. In other words the KING of the PTR Contests shall retain and claim for the Coveted shield as his Prize.

Now the Prizes structure :- ( Applicable for Bangalore Summer 2017  “THE PTR” Contest)
Winner :- One shield (Rolling) ( Refer Note Above) and duly handover to the Organisers,

Winners     :- Winners Cup  PLUS A T-Shirt and a Cap and One book of Shri SK Sagar Ji's (The Intelligent Field)
First Runners Up  :- One T-Shirt Plus a Cap Plus a Book of Shri S K Sagar Ji ( The Intelligent Field)
Second Runners UP :- Same as First Runners Up as stated above.

A Formal Get together is being planned to be Organised in Hyderabad at the end of each venue's Contests and depending upon the winners and Runners with a Formal photo-shoot of the winners and Runners plus the Chief guest and Organiser's of the PTR Contests. However, it is NOT to be taken as confirmed by the contestants as it is sheerly related to the Finance availability AND RESOURCE mobilisation of the Organisers. In any case, the decision of the Management of these Contests is final and binding and are subject to changes and modifications. The announcements of the latest on this will be done through our space sponsor i.e. INDIARACE.COM
WE the Management of "THE PTR CONTEST" Request the ADMIN to post and attach all the Merchandise alongwith the above NOTE cum Circular of the "THE PTR" 2017 Summer CONTESTs-Bangalore 2017
The Contestants can view the same along with this Note.
The Management of the Contests sincerely thank Indiarace.com, Shri Dharmesh Ji, Shri Dustin Torry, Shri Albert Khare, Shri Sirocco, Shri Raghavan Ji, Shri Srikanth Ji, Shri Dr K R Nath JI, Shri Libero Aka Santosh Ji, Shri Rakesh Menon Ji , Shri @ The Doc Ji , Shri SKumar JI for all the support, advises and also giving the Contests a fresh lease of life and for the benefit of all the Contestants.
Our Hearfelt Special Thanks and Gratitude to Shri SK Sagar Ji for standing by us in all our times of need and guiding us properly so that these initiatives attract one and all and at the same time delivers satisfaction to one and all.
Our special thanks to Shri Dustin Torry and Shri Shrikanth Ji for accepting and sponsoring their respective blogs to advertise the above contests...Thank you Both a Million times for your kind favour.
It is our special request to one and all and specifically to the Big Hearted Fans of this sport to come forward with their help to us Financially so that we can plan and Organise the same in a big way.
We assure you and one and all, that we are doing our very best in all parameters connecting the "THE PTR" Contests and if any shortcomings noticed may be excused and we sincerely apologize for the same as it is nether Intentional nor Preplanned to the Planning of these contests.
We wish each and every contestant, Management Member, Coordinators all the Very best in all your endeavors and Pray GOD to bless us all........Importantly A Very Happy Bangalore 2017 Summer Season to start with.
With Warm Regards,
For and on behalf of "THE PTR" Contests Organizing Committee

(Coordination Unit)

@ ADMIN :- I have already mailed you the Photos of prizes which may please be posted alongwith the above note ... for the Benefit of our Contestants
@ Management Members :- FYI please

@ Contestants :- Please start your enrolments asap and MR Libero and Mr Rakesh Menon alongwith @The DOC will be tracking and monitoring the same.

All The Prospective Contestants :-

Please Log into INDIARACE.COM and under Horsetalk. Pls see the Contests Thread and Enrol your name for the Contests and Participate in large Numbers.

You can address any queries you have in HORSETALK in Indiarace.com and we assure you all of the quick replies from us...

Pls read carefully the Contest Rules, Terms and Conditions and its applicability......

We Wish you all the Very Best for the Contests...


"THE PTR" Contest Organising Committee

(Coordination Unit)

Friday, April 14, 2017


My view for the Day.

{As usual,  Donot blindly follow my choices}

2. {Maiden at Risk}
{5} Dragonimoss  {2} Texas Gold {Default Contender}
Dragonimoss {Has stripped fitter after 2 Runs based on trial, Should Run a bold race here}

3.  {Between 2}
{7} King of Killen  {8} Knight Quest
King of Killen {Impressive 2nd in his last outing,  with extra 200M, can turn the table in winning knot}

Knight Quest {Can be useful all polls}

4.  {Maiden at Risk}
{7} Next Star  {8} Saffron Flower

5. {Run of the Race}
{10} Paradise  {7} Winds of Change {Default Contender}
Paradise {Nice 4th in his last outing, Has best chance in {Cash for Dash Race}}

6. {Between 2}
{11} Seacrets  {13} Franz Ferdinand 
Seacrets {Impressive winner in his last run, Same identical Distance. Well placed on Promotion, With Same jocey astride, SCShould Run a Bold Race Here}

7. {Upset will be in Store}
{2} Zoom Zoom  {3} Locarno

{8} Armando {11} Star Ace

Monday, April 10, 2017


My Choice for the Day.

{7} Aar Ya Paar  {8} Joker in the Pack

{7} Shinin Star  {44} Caught the Eye

{3} Like My Child {2} Solarium

{3} Desert of Gold  {{4} Kirpan

{14} Sweet Doll {8}  Speed Hunt

{11} Dot on Time  {11} My Gloria

Friday, April 7, 2017


Dear All

Keeping my fingure crossed, Here are my view for the Day.

As usual, Donot go Blindly over my Selected choices..

{5} Brothersofthewind {6} Commandperformances

{1} Admo {3} Stari Grad

{11} Zanzibaar  {4} Dancing Lord

{8} Auroden {3} Backstreet Bay

{6} Abu Al Bukhoosh  {9} Rich N Rare

{7} Travieso {8} Way Ahead

Sunday, April 2, 2017


My Choices for the Day.



{7} Miss Moneypenny {2} Oracle

{11} LiLibeth  {10} Lady Sergeant

{7} Free Speech  {6} Undisputed

{11} Sudershan Chakra  {4} Grand Vitesse

{7} Winds of Change  {9} Knight At Arms

Friday, March 31, 2017


As Usual, Donot go blindly of my Choices

{1} Multiglor

{3} St Andrews

{1} Forest Fire {7} Gold Streak

{5} Respect  {1} Eigers Tiger

{4} Dafodil  {1} Texas Gold

{5}  Zambian {2} Batman  

{3} Gran Paradiso  {10} Knights Quest

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Do not go Blindly,  of my choices, As usual. 

{6} Romancer {11} Deser Cat

{7} Studiofiftyfour  {5} {Lucky Streak}

{5} Jabble  {4} Indus Prince

{3} Altus  {1} Born to Win

{8} Celerrino  {9} Jacknife

{10} Torino  {5} Setaflame

{7} Gentle Knowledge  {2} Commander

{7} Rolly Polly  {2} El Cid

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dear All

Unable to post earlier, You all aware Normally never post late, will skip the Day, but as season ending, Failed rating this season, may do well. 

Here are  some of the SOFT {Second outing Forward Timimg} pattern contenders, Which have not performed this Season, due to obvious reason.

This are my  view. 

1. {Bad Race}
{1} Jager Bomb  {5} Kitty Hawk

2. {Small field at Risk}
{2} Miss Saigon

3. {Run of the Race}
{5} Royce  {4} Baker Street

4. {Check the tote Indication}
{3} Magical Memory  {8} Arakawah

5. {Betting Range}
{10} Wild Fire  {2} Gazino

7.  {Maiden at Risk}
{9} Lady Be Good  {66} Someone Somewhere

 8. {Between 2}
{2} Double Nine {5} El Tycoon

Friday, March 24, 2017


My analysis for the Day.

{9} Shivalik Princess  {4} Deccan King



{10} Blavattsy {1} Spiridon

{1} Kramer  {4} Timeless Deeds

{4} Zanzibaar  {7} Arabian Storm

{4} Advance to Contract  {9} Hunayn

{12} Kookaburra {4} Sporto

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Dear All

Good Morning,

Due to internet Interuption, Unable to post earlier.

My Analysis of today card, herewith.

Do check at your end.

{3} Bournville  {6} Land of Glory

{8} Hurricane Storm  {1} Saudagar

{8} Royal Concert  {{2} Native Speaker

{1} El Cid  {2} Half Volley

{5} Dakota Dreamer  {2} Cool Hunter

{3} Raqs Sharqi {1} Ayras Pet

{4} Knighthood  { 7} Aquitania

{8} {Draco  {3} Taygetu

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Good Morning

My Study of  today card is follows.

1.  {Skip the Race}

2. Skip the Race

3.  Skip the Race

4. {Upset will be in Store}
{3} Furious N Fast  {4} Celestial Light

{6} Rochester

{8} Logano  {9} Royal Sapphire

{6} Vitesse  {1} Allegria

Friday, March 17, 2017


Good Morning

My Study of  today card is follows.

Do your analysis.

1. {Maiden Here, is Risky}
{10} Surprise Package  {11} Symphonica

2. {Bad Race}
{11} Sponge Bob {8} Divinio

3. {Maiden for Enjoyment}
{1} Aeisir  {11} Ultimate Magic

4. { Betting Range}
{1} ALaina  {10} Duke of Norfolk

5. {Upset will be in Store}
{7} Blue Blazer {2} Tax Free

6. {Betting Range}
{5} Escala  {1} Sea Lord

7. {Run of the Race}
{3} Czar Rule  {12} Indian Legend

8. {Check the Tote Indication}
{4} Royal Serenity  {9} Romantic Helen

{2} Firing Line {6} Montenegro 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Dear All

My Choices for the Day.

Do look at Race time along with your Homework.

1. {Between 2}
{1} Uncle Scrooge  {8} Sawgrass

2. {Maiden at Enjoyment}
{9} Shamwari {1} Art O War  

3. {Maiden at Enjoyment}
{4} Sereno  {{2} Kotor

4. {Run of the Race}
{5} Arvan  {12} Shes A Tiger

5. {Between 2}
{7} Alishaspet  {6} Allora

6. {Betting Range}
{12} AlphineExpress { 8} Lady Danehil

7. {Upset will be in Store}
{5} Furiosa {8} King of Baron  

{14} Samurai {3} Hunting Pleasure

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Special Day at Mahalaxmi Race Track

My Choices for the Day.

{2} Ritz

{3} Suupreme Regime {5} Paramour

{4} Flying Dragon  {7} Vice Admiral

{10}Lilac Time  {1} Sporto

{5} Anniversary Girl {6} Cerrado 

{1} Eigers Tiger  {3} Daydreamer

{3} Cameron  {6} Commodore

{4} Gran Paradiso  {6} Fabio


Good Morning.
My Choices for the Day.

{3} Kvasir  {6} Rum Runner

{4} Captain Calm  {6} Miss Wonder

{9} Mansuetude  {2} Automatic

{11} Kiraathaka  {9} Repsol

{4} Kasuali  {12} Rocky Steady

{5} Bon Fire  {8} Anantara

{2} Back of Beyound  {1} Escala

{8} Brunaldo {3} Tea wid Me  

{8} Fractuals  {6} Sands of Time

Thursday, March 9, 2017


{5} We break the Rules  {8} Oh so Hot

{7} Street Jammer  {8} Eternal Sunshine

{10}  Stunner {3} Yutaka

{5} Drogo  {8} Cristo Boss

{9} Jorden Prince  {7} Ricardus

{14} Padmakosa  {3} Tough Enough

{13} Lord Arazan  {10} Golden Eclipse

{10} Royse  {5} King of Killen

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Calcutta Summer Meeting

Good Morning
As ususal, My choices along witth SRTHEME, to my understanding.

1. {Between 2}
{2} Saudagar {4} Xperience

2. {Run of the Race}
{3} Stand and Dance {10} Blaze To Glory

3.  {Check the Tote Indication}
{6} Born to Win  {11} Xipen

4. {Between 2}
{4} Leopardb Creek  {9} Australian Agatta

5.  {Small field at Risk}
{2} Zandeer

6. {Small field at Risk-}
{5} Isabelline  {2} Danceress

{4i Mizuno

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bangalore Invitation Day

Good Morning

My Choice nd SRTHEME For the Day.

1. {Maiden for Enjoymet}
{10} Miniver Rose  {6} Cantaria

2. {Between 2}
{9} Coraggio  {4} Jersey Beauty


4. {Check the Tote Indication}
{14} Sporting Pleasure {10} Rare Rhythm 

5. {Between 2}
{4} Acclaimed  {1} Accolade

6. {IInteresting Race}
{12} LA DONA {10} Serjeant At Arms

7. {Upset will be in Store}
{1} Alainder {9} Hall of Famer

{13} A HEART TO REMEMBER  {11} Lamrei

Friday, March 3, 2017


Dear All

My Choces and SRTHEME to my Understanding on 
Special Day of India Racing Calender. 

1. {Run of the Race}
{8} Rare and Famous {3} Amazing Desire
If  we ignore  D ACCORD, the Race looks wild open and SRTHEME Signal  is Run oft of the Race, on that line Rare and Famous, whose trial looks impressive and little bit of positive trend at race time , Should Run  a Bold Race here}

Amazing Desire {Can be useful all Polls}

2  {Between 2}
{13} Flying Prince {4} Ninon {Default Contender}
Flying Prince {4th in his last outing.  Has better Saddle up to shine here}

3. {Maiden for Enjoyment}
{9} Shivalik Crown} {6} Mauritania  
First Name Should Place and can create flutter in good odds, If Second Name, which will be low odds always a Risky.

4. {Between 2}
{5} Antananarivo {8} Arvak

5. {Upset will be in Store}
 {10} Sterling Role {15} Emancipation

6. {Between 2}
{4} Tintinnabuation  {9} Magisterio
Tintinabuation {Gets lovely chance for Winning knot after long time and best stayer, If Saddlle up didnot do any mess.}

Magistero {Can be useful All Polls}

7. {Run of the Race}
{12} Solomon  {6} Micky Mouse

{8} Rain Kissed {12} Indian Brahmos

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


My Choices along with SRTHEME

1. {Longer Distance at Risk}
{3} sabiq {5} Glorious Opinion

2. {Maiden for Future}
{1} Collegium  {4} Pardon my Dust

3. {Bettween 2}
{4} Logic {6} Rain Dance

4. {Check the Tote Indication}
{8} Frosted {4} Brazos

5. {Betting Range
{1} Victorio  {6} Phonix Knight

6. {Run of the Race}
{7} Royal Classic  {11} Gloriana

7. {Betting Range}
{2} What a Nice Girl  {3} Asahi

{9} Poets Song {1} Motherland

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Good Morning

My Choice  along with SRTHEME for the Day.

1. {Between 2}
{6} Legende Indienne {3} Footloose  

2. {{Check the Tote Indication}
{4} Roman Ridges  {7} Zara Go Zara

3. {Betting Range}
{5} Shining Melody {8} Aamerian Agattaa 

4. {Run of the Race}
{8} Zena {11} Xperience

5. {Maiden at Risk}
{5} Hartnell  {11} Mercedes

6. {Upset will be Store}
{11} Few more Dollars  {1} Acrider

7. {Skip the Race}
{1} Ballister {7} Serendine

8. {Longer Distance t Risk}
{6} I TOLD YOU KNOW {3} Everybreakingwave