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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mahalaxmi Track (Sprinters and Stayers) Classic Day |28.02.2015|

Dear All

Simple Neat race card has been placed on Classic Day.

Any Handicapper or Deep Studier will be impressed this type of card irrespective of result ouput.

Let hope for best atleast one upset obliged here.

Always look for good odds and if any negative no harm of Skip

You all aware, still Remembering that, all the selected choice are within Seconds, wherever it is applicable.

Jackpot Combintion @ 11.45 AM
6. 5. 8. 2. 1
6. [14] 2
4  6
9  [11]
{Add Delete Ignore}

[2] HIdden Soul [7] Alishas Pet [1] Eternal Flame

[7] Administrate [2] Sharp Witted [3] Ad Astra

[6] Shinning Path [5] Pappillon [8] Lord Jim
{Fire Proof - Withdrawn which was suggested here}

4. |1200M | Upset Will be in Store]
[6] Nefyn [14] Un Un Un [2] Dancing Prances

Speedrating and his Parameters.

Top 3 Contenders
{2] Dancing Prances [70.25] Inform Horse. No need for Expanation. SR Figure shows everything. Keep note that last run was won by neck. Same jockey astride. Tracking well with same jockey who is riding today. Will be favourite.  [Default Contender]

[14] UN UN UN [70.50] Hyderabad Contender. Closely matched to Dancing Prances After adusting all parameters. Running First time this track and facing tough bunch in another track,  should have great heart if it finished top 3 but any how, It will gain experience will be welcome sigh. Same jockey astride [A.M.Tograllu who is doing good job at malakpet track] who also, if my memory is Right, Riding first time this track in this season. Connection might have gone for strong jockey astride. If Run on merit Default Place. Rest depends on luck of minute. Will be in Good Odds. No Harm.]

[6] Nefyn [70.60] 9 year old animal. Has a zeal in racing. Finished 4th to Dancing Prances. No track work, but active in Swimming Polls. Jockey change to O Donoghue. We aware that, horses knew sixth Sense and defentenly he should knew that, won Sprinter Cup 2 times and is Running for Same event for 3rd time. Is the Horse to beat]

[1] Brynhill [71.35] {Should be in Fighting line, if any one failed to deliver of above mentioned horses]

[3] Im Different [72.40] {Bangalore Contender. Running fit for Bangalre and Mysore track}

[4] Invincible Prince [72.00] Trainer placed 2 Runners can do well at bangalre track will support stablemate]

[5] Maximus [72.02] Surprise winner in race no 162 1200M. Jockey change to Suraj Narredu.

[7] Shivalik Star [72.42] Consistent performer at bangalore track. Jockey change to Srinath Tracking well with same jockey who is riding well.

[8] Smile Stone [72.00] Travelled Hyderabad Finihed 2nd to Un Un UUn.Un. Trainer placed 2 Runners.

[9] Speed Six [72.00] [Moddy Horse. Knew pulse of theire contenders very well. Same jockey astride. Trainer placed 2 Runners.

[10] Whispering Galler [72.76] Trainer Prasanna placed 2 runners. Not here.

[11] Emperor Cruise [72.76] Trainer Placed 2 Runners.ners. Not Here]

[12] King Kong [77.28] At Delhi track only.

[13] Solomon [72.00] Can be useful for all polls

[15] Vijay Viraaj [72.40] Running furst tine this track. Tracking well with same jockey who is ridibg today.

[4] Fibonacci Sequence [2] Rule Downunder [8] Staristocrat

6. |3000M | Run of the Race |
[9] Authentic [3] Astapi [11] Tiger Tops
Speedrating and his Parameters.

Top 5 Contenders for
| The Deltin Casinos Stayers Cup | (Grade I)

[9] Authentic [3] Astapi [11] Tiger Tops

[9] Authentic [188.50] Connection placed 2 Runners. Bangalore inform contenter. Impressive Second to BOLD MAJESTY 2400M. Jockey change to D.Willams. Running frst time in this track. Good on tracks. Can Create Flutter Here at longer odds]

[3] Astapi [188.70] Winner last year edition at Hyderabad track. 3rd to HIGHLANDER in race no 159 2800M. Jockey change to A.Sandesh. Tracking well. Trainer Placed 2 Runners. Should be in Fighting Line]

[11] Tiger Tops [188.92] No Need for Explanation. Second to BE SAFE in The Indian Derby. Same jockey asride. Track work Notice. Will be in betting Range.

[8] Wind Stream [188.78] Connection placed 2 Runners and if Stable mate Authentic fails to deliver will be Right there]

[6] Rodeo [188.80] Can be useful for All Polls]


[1] Ademaro [196.09] Calcutta Contender, Not Here.

[2] An Acquired Taste [1189.90] Trainer placed 2 Runners. Will support his contender during race.

[4] Okavango [193.19] Not Here.

[5] Pursuit of Flame [191.41] Not Here

[7] Tintinabulation [191.37] Inform Hyderabad horse. Good on tracks with same jockey who is Ridig today.

[10] Right Dimension [191.80] Will get Experience for future.

[10] National Pride [5] Blue Bay

Have a Superlative Classic Day.

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