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Monday, April 27, 2015

Delhi {27.04.2015}

Dear All

Luck Matters Most, after Hard Work {Any Pattern of our life within Laxman Lekha.}

I Applogized those followers or viewers blindly (if any.) following my choice / Explanation and SR Theme, which upset them.

Racing should look into sporting angle and not expecting big dreams out of it!

Such that, our investment will be within  the Limit or allocating for the season and rotate.

No tention, should be there, for day to day activites and our first  priority is Family and Proffessional.

Here goes my choice keeping figure crossed.

1. [Betting Race and Paisa Favourite Race Always at Risk]
{1] Black Diamond {6} Grace Kelly

2. [Upset will be in Store]
{6} Bachelor Boy [2} Want to Love

3. [Betting Range]
{7} Barcardi B last {4} Shes Sweet

4. [Upset will be in Store]
[5] Kiran [1] Master Stroke 6] Fast and Furious

 [9] Axiom [7] Natural Storm

[2] Altamash [5] Master Desire