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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mysore 27th May 2015

{4} Mr. Go  {8} Kguya Himel   {7} Your Honour Unfair

{10} Tandav  {3} Supreme Strength   {2} Aymam

{5} Robinhood Pandey {9} Concentration {1} Pepper King

{3} Lincon Continental  {10} Badshah {1} Outer Space

{3} Al Dorado {9} Black Dragon   {10} Ace Princess

{8} Majestic Queen  {9} Society Music  {2} Countrys Beauty

{8} Class  Above {10} Evlina {12} Tulip   



Please post one good bet for win and one good Fluke bet
Sudarshan Rao

Mac said...

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Anonymous said...

From Transparency
My Dear Lieutenant Romeo dreaming Midnight Breeze as stated on H.T and here.
Since u had given 3 tips here ,m under obligation to give 3 tips to miniscule viewer cum punters right here all for free as reply.
Tip No 1
No punter who only play bets will b in plus overall if he view htian expert tips. 99% will b certain loser losing money till they quits or turn bankrupt and forced to quit.
Tip No 2
Majority of the free bloggers r run and dominated by bookies to fool the gullible punters so that their coffers r full.
Tip No 3
Dont let ur destiny and hard earned money vanished in thin air by remaining mute spectator bearing the cost but at the mercy of htian experts as its Newton law that anything which goes up rebounce back so the sponsorer sponsoring such loser and liars r wishing themseves loss and accumulating losses leading to bankruptcy
P.S Transparency never lies or feared of anything as he had no wants or personal desire except bringing cheers to commoners and for those who believe in overall profit .In case the punters do not believe they may Experiment with Truth by noting down the day and amount loss or won after viewing htian expert like Romeo and umpteen pseudo tips for a month or year . 99% punters will know the result for themselves.
yeah lieutenant Romeo thats my free tips for punters who view as a challenge to ur invitation.

Anonymous said...

Sir, plz post ratings as well

Saurav said...

Mr transparent saree ...since you have challenged me..let me tell you still are the worst tipster in india...after Prakash gosavi.PG is a fraud and has destroyed many punters life by his conman tips.However..today I am gonna openly show you my tipping talent.Take it...RACE N0 2---h NO 9 ROSIE'S DREAM SURE SHOT PLACE AT GOOD ODDS AND MAY WIN AT LONGER ODDS.NOW BRING YOUR CHOICE LETS SEE WHO IS THE DON OF RACING.

Mac said...

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Mac said...

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Anonymous said...

Age se e blog mai dikhai mat dijiyaga.

Anonymous said...

Sir Thanks for your tips and Benefitted a lot apart from learning art of selection Today got jackpot and blank Lincon Continental of all yr 3 choice and 3 Consolation and 1 Jackpot.

Always u say keep on a eye on trainer double.

Back Black Dragon and also yr choice. Great Pick.

Please Provide Rating and Explanation. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Shit tips Mac. You tips three favurites. What great thing.

Today's selections are:
COSMIC TOUCH (1- 1) Won Rs.20
EVALINA (7-10) Lost

Anonymous said...

From Transparency
Lolz on Lieutenant Romeo with Midnight breeze
A mere coincidence that ur Roses dream came last so any horse if tipped by me would have been ahead of ur dream ..Anyway since m not tipping anything on ur counterparts free blog for reason posted by ur own mate Manish on some other blog as an open admittance .No need to reply repeatedly and Transparency is for those who believe .Already given free three tips by incl ur name and for noting the loss as an experiment .4 tips by challenger already noticed by miniscule punters so dont expect any further comments. For ur kind information M not an professional or charge a dime for any tips to any frdz on fake book or those who meet me in course and not a tipster but a man who bring cheers and visualize a change for smile by achieving an impossible target unthought of prior to happening and never take credit or interested in anything so loz on u comparing me with P.G as worst tipster . G.N and try to prove ur worth to ur own mates as best rather than others.