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Friday, August 7, 2015


Dear All

Due to technical problem  (Internet Connection) last 2 days, unable to pst Bangalore analysis.

The card looks Simple, but when Simple,  It will be tough task on Reality.

As usual look for positive trend at race time.

1. {Run of the Race}
{2} Rain Dance  {3} Rapid Girl  {5} Via Amoris
Rain Dance {Impressive in track work astride same jockey. Should do well here}

Rapid  Girl {No track work. Has his Number ( SPN). 
Check the tote Positive tote indication. It is very important for this connection.}

Via Amoris {Default Contender}

2. { Small field at Risk}

3. {Small Field at Risk}
{6} Athens {4} Laurita 

4 {Maiden @ Risk}
(Speed Power Number based on spedrating applied each horse Includes Predigree Points)

2. GRAND VITESSE {635} {Tracking well Sme Jockey who is Riding today. Should Place. Can Upset all calculation including jockey}

5. TRAHERNE {634} {Ran greeen last time at mumbai on debut. Good on tracks. Best and inform sire along with Jockey astride} {IT is Always RISKY to WAGER low odds} {No Harm in Polls}

7. FOREVER YOURS {626} {Should Place.}

8. PARADISE {626} Ignore last Run. Can be useful all polls.

1. BRIGHT HALO {608} Upcoming Sire. Track work  Notice.  Running First time after Gelded. I always feel that One or 2 races Needed for Judgement of potential or One Mock Race} Risk @ Betting Range.


6. ENVISION {570}



5. {Interesting and Tough Race. Betting Range}

3. NIGHT OF STARS {633} Nice and inform Sire. Winner in Same Identical Distance. Same Jockey astride. 3rd in Mock Race 14M. Should Run a Bold Race Race.

5. PEARL SECRECT {633} Anoter nice sire and with benefit of Run, Should be in Fighting Line}

2. BUBBLY BELLIN {633} inform Sire. Winner @ Mumbai track 1200M, Despite of Hanging. TS ON. Working Exremely good on tracks with same jockey  who is riding today. Can go Close}

1. CONTINENTAL {631} Impressive winner on Debut on Objection 1400M. Connection Placed 2 Runners and will be Favourite.  Track work Notice.

6. Huracan {629} Can be useful all Polls.

8. ARMEL {580} Not this age group



6. {Maiden @ Risk - Betting Range}
{10} TURF DANCER {623} {Should Run a Bold Race} 
{8}   Nizhoni {623} {Will be  in Fighting Line}
{2}  GODSENT {620}    {Default Contender}
{6}  ALLEE BLEUE {620}
{5}  VICTORIA {619}
{3}  HELIX  {603}    {Should Place}
{1}  ALIEN  {571}
{7}  HIGH WINDS {550}
{9}  RICH N RARE {544}

7. {Upset will be in Store}
{9} Mister Majestic {7} Lancelot  {3} Golden Belle

{4} Flynn  {3} Cold Play

Have a Superlative Day....

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