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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

@ Malaket

Dear All

My View for the Day

All eyes will be at Malakpet track {Racing Proffessionalls and Enthusiasm} through out country  due to Derby on 2nd October 2015.

As Always, my quote will be | Check the Positive trend at Race time|


a) Horse Weight (If increased drastically, Ignore}
b) Jockey Change
c) Tote Indication
d) Equipment change @ Race time like TS ON
e) Jockey dress Change to black (Ignore)
f) Padlock look
g) Horses withdrawn of particular Race, Where Betting Range horse might run Easy Race.

This clue is very important after selecting horses, to Reduce or increase Investment or Skip the Race.

As usual SR THEME in each Race.

From Jackpot Race, Looks Tough / Tricky based on my work out, and my view  also fails.

1.  {Betting Range}
{7} Moon Walker  {13} Yes Baby  {2} City of Pearls
Moon Walker {Second to KROMSMADE in Race No 134 12M. Same weight and Jockey astride. Tracking well after that Run. Can turn the table winning knot. will be in betting range.}

Yes Baby {Can be useful for All Combination Polls. Small hedge at longer odds no harm }

City of Pearls {Should Place, Will try Start to Finish Attempt with 200M less to travel based on Previous Run}

2. {Betting Range}
{3} Shivalik Bird  {6} Sefarina {4} Gayle Form
Shivalik Bird {Impressive winner in Race No 121 1100M. Same jockey astride. Good  on tracks. Can Repeat.}

Sefarina {4th to ROCKY HILL in Race No 147 1100M  1.5kg down. Jockey change to R.Vaibhav who record in this track this season 48 Rides one win, 10 Placed (2nd and 3rd} Should place again.

Gayle Form {Has per Instruction based on Previous Run, Gate Practice Notice and if it takes level Jump, Should be in Fighting Line.}

3. {Upset Will be in Store}
{7} Kohinoor Punch  {9} Khoshgel {1} SenseI
Kohinoor Punch {IIgnore Previous Run in Race No 155 12M, unable to get Clear Run. Jockey change to Kunal Bunde. 1.5kg down.  Goo on track after that Run.} Can Surprise.

Khoshgel {4th to M.MIRACLE in race No 140 Same Identical Distance. Same jockey astride. 3kg up.  Default Contender}

Sensel {Should Place}

4. {Betting Range}
{3} Advocate  General  {9} Manogamini  {4} Eteral Gift
Manogamini {Can be useful for All Polls}

5.  {Upset will be in Store}
{2} Golden Dash  {7} Time for Smile {4} Classic Emerald
Golden Dash {Demote. Nothoing much to Say.  Good on tracks.} I always gives a prefrece to the horse if same same trainer horse has good chance in other race, and in last race same trainer horse has good speedrating.} Can create a flutter, if race is upset.

6. {Run of the Race}
{7} My Star  {3} Tehaswini {5} Winds and Waves
My Star {Consistent Performer @ Winter. Ignore 3 Runs in this season Has his number to Shine any Day, (3rd to Tintinnabulation 16M, 7/9 Winner 11M 14/9 Mock Race} Track work Good On the above Count and Speed Powe Numbe and Jockey Aashay Kumar doing good job this track Should  Run a Bold Race Here.}

Tehaswani {Should Place and will be in Fighting Line}

Winds and Waves {Can be useful for All Polls}

7.  {Difficult Race}
{5} Wonder Star  {4} Love for the Game  {6} Majorca
Wonder Star {Ignore all the Runs.  Working Extrenely Good on tracks with same Jockey who is Riding today.} {Should Run a Bold Race }

Love for the Game {Will be in Betting Range}

Majorca / Romantic Fire {One will be Placed}

8. {Betting Range}
{6} Power Planet {9} Ocean Side  {3} Shamrock Lady

{1} Arabian Fountain  {12} Sketch of Beauty  {9} City of Destiny.

PS. If possible tomorrow morning Jackpot pool will be updated.

Have a Superlative Day and be Caution.


Kalwakuntla. Ravindhar rao said...

Good explained..... Sir ji.........Thanks .....lot......long.live..........

punith messi said...

thank you ji

ranjeet kumar said...

Thanks sir for goos explanation

ranjeet kumar said...

Thanks sir for goos explanation

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