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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mumbai {Derby Day}

Dear All
Unpredictable Numbers all the races/Multiple connection will be a tough task, but patient and Keen observation based on previous race Result , may be handy within selected tips or any negative only option is Skip the Race.

1. {Check the Positive Trend. {Tote Display}}
{7} Oscillation {3} Love Joy {10} Move in Time

2.  {Skip the Race}
{7} Imitation Game {8} Trombone

3. {Upset will be in Store}
{17} Hidden Soul {1} Phoenix Fire

4. {Run of the Race}
{6}  Atalya {2} Flashing Honour

5. {Tough Race}
{9} Himalaya Queen {5} Mine Forever

6. {Longer Distance and Field, only Guess}
{Better, Skip the Race}
{16} Sou Wester {9} Jage Bomb {18} Smokie

{6} Angel Girl {7} Honey Dew

8. {The Kingfisher Ultra Indian Dery}
{9} Desert Gold  {Is the Horse to Beat Here}
{5} Brillant Cut {Should Place and Will be In Fighting line for Top 2 Spot}
{3} Bold Appeal {Can be useful all Polls}

{1} Jimbo {5} The Magician

Do your Home Work.


sagiraju krishnamraju said...

My choices

. Trobone ew

coat of arms ew

Maximus Pl

majestic Pl

ladslus Pl

. Costa del sol win

Sriram said...

Indian derby 9.DESERT GOD,8.COSTA DEL SOL,14.PHOENIX TIGER are good and rest of 17junk

Kiranjayaramsharma Mangalore said...

Costa del sol should win Indian derby

punith messi said...

One horse for the day Phenoix Tiger easy

RaMicro said...

Very very worst selections(except desert god. To wait till 8th race). Shameless author still continuing posting.

Ravee Rao said...

Onely give two bets

Ravee Rao said...

Sir ji urs followers give only two good bets sir ...all races waist sir ...Please

Ravee Rao said...

Onely give two bets

RaMicro said...

Just post dynamic power points or stop posting your own selections(rarely works).

Sc Mani Mani said...

Pointing towards others is Easy method.

Appreciating of work towsrds others is tough method.

Some of them never understand, what this blog is doing.

Iam a keen follower of this blog, and m he is doing Beautiful eork simplifly with the SR THEME, which is very much needed, especially tough compitation race days.

After seeing and doing my selected choice of all the Races, and Read his SR THEME, (you all aware, after result, It was almost accurate) I have decided to wager only one race that is Derby Race Desert Gold {Mention, Is the Horse to Beat} 9000W 1000SHP.

Thanks very much Sir, Please continue with your own style, One request from my side is,Your Explanation and SR THEME, Please provide, without Fail.