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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Dear All

My Optional Choices/SRTHEME/Explaation {Wherever it is essential.}

1. {Bad Race}
{8} Interactive/She Loves It   {4} Arabian Glem
Best in the lot is, She lovesIt, but 1400M with New apprentise jockey  is Questionble.

Interactive, Working extremely good on tracks  and winner  in this season  with same jockey who is riding today, Should run a Bold Race here}

Arabian Glem {Running first time this season at flag end without  Track work, Mockrace/ pool.} Except last run, rest is consistency along with Inform apprentice jokey astride} Small hedge at longer hedge for Jockey. No harm

2. {Maiden at Risk}
{6} ARK ROYAL {11} Siyouni {7} FJORD

3. {Maiden at Risk}
{6} Jersey Beauty {9} Queen of Windsor {4} Salazaar
Jersey Beauty {Impressive 3rd in previous run 12M to Admiral One, Now jockey change to A.Sandesh. Tracking well after that Run. Nice Sire and Extended trip  wiil Suit Better.} Can get Winning Knot.

Queen of Windor {Connection is full Swing in all centres, in good odds.} {Can be useful All Polls}

Salazaar {Experience Sire and blazing the Track Work} Running on Debut 14M. {Default Contender}

4. {Upset will be in Store}
{6} Maariko  {9} Montenegro  {2} Shining  Magic
Maariko {Consistent Performer this Season, Tracking Extremely Well along with Jockey Arshad Alam, who is Good form,  Can Surprise all}

Montenegro {Working Extremely good on tracks, Distance is Sharp, Should be in Fighting Line}

Shining  Magic {Check the Tote  Indication}

5.  {Run of the Race}
{9} Honour {6} Empress of Rome {11} Lord Darlington
Honour {Well placed on Promotion and also ran in Sae class consistant} Jockey change t P.P.Dhebe. Tracking well after tht Run. {Can create flutter to Younger animal who are in rousing form, but in double promotion {LD} will be in low odds}

Empress of Rome {Should Place}

6. {Betting Range}
{2} Fabulous {10} Masters Glory {1} In the Sunrise
Fabulous {Well placed on Handicap Race} Working Extremely Good on b tracks with Same jockey  who is Riding today} Should WIN { If run on Merit}

Masters Glory {Can be useful All Polls}

In the Sunrise {Default Contender}

7. {Upset will be in Store}
{7} Royal Helen  {9} Saga {6} Mistress of Spice
Royal  Helen { 3rd to TANGALLOMA   in race no 179 same ientical lb distance, will  try to Position well, within the Bunch} Can Upset.

Saga {Should Place} Connection placed 2 horses.

Mistress of Spice {If trainer waiting for Double, will be in Fighting Line}

{11} Happy Hours {5} Aguante

Do your Homework

Add Delete {Jackpot Combination}

6  9  
9  6  11   12
7  9  6  10  12


Nagendra Chari said...

Sir thank you so much for your analysis for the race card, great to see your selections with Definitions, once again thanks a lot SRIKANTH SIR.... Happy hunting, cheers... With warm regards

Karthik B said...

Sir,any chance for royal sceptre in 6th race...

RaMicro said...

visit turfticker.blogspot.in for tips.

Unknown said...

What about tomorrow race?