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Friday, November 25, 2016


My Choices/SRTHEME/Explanation For the Day

1. {Between 2}
{3} Wind Striker  {5} Moon Blink
Wind Striker {Well placed on Demote. Failed Favorite in his Previous Run.}
Can amends Here, only worry is no latest track}

Moon Blink {Purley based on week contendrs and Tracking well, Should Place}

2.  {Run of the Race}
{7} Richie Rich {6} Khaleesi
Richie Rich {Ignore All the Runs. Well suited for this Distance, based on Sire} Moving well on tracks. Will try Start to Finish Attempt. {Should Run a Bold Race Here}

Khaleesi {Can be useful All Polls}

3. {Check the Tote Indication}
{2} Turf Tactics  {6} Montengro
Turf Tactics {WWell Placed on Demoted.  Working extremely good on tracks} Should Run a bold Race here}

Montengro {Purely based on Track work, Should Place}

4.  {Upset will be in Store}
{7} Brunesco {6} Intra Flora {Default Contender}
Brunesco {Impressive 3rd to GYPSY Bans 12M in Terms Race} Working Extremely Good on Tracks with Same Jockey who is Riding Today} Now in Handicap Race. {Should Place. Csn upset all calculation}

5. {Tough Race}
{1} Sprith and Truth {3} Festive Cheer
Sprith and Truth  {CConsistent Performer. Working Extremely god on tracks astride RB along with 3year old} {SShould be in Fighting Line}

Festive Cheer {Should Place by Default}

6. {BBetween 2}
{8} Campari Girl {4} Tzar {Default Contender}
Campari Girl {Ignore his Previous Run. Psitive jockey astride and also Running Right  Distance}  {Can tackle this Contend Dr rs}

7.  {Run of the Race}
{6} Proserpine  {9} Watch my Script
Prosperpine {Consistent Performer in Handicap Race} Facing tough Contenders and Sire.} Good on Tracks {If Any upset, will be Right there due to obvious Reason}

Watch my Script {SShould Place by Default}

8.  {Bad Race}
{10} What A Nice Man {1} Prud Prince

{7} Kapalua {8} Flotus 


k K said...

Banglore tips

chanakya said...

wonderful selection for Bangalore 1000 Guiness. Keep it up.