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Saturday, December 10, 2016


1. {Upset will be in Store}
{2} Night Fury  {7} Silver Edge


3. {Babies Race to Enjoy}
{2} Texas Gold  {1} Hopeilicous

4. {Check the Tote Indication}
{3} Exodus  {7} Personify

5. {Run of the Race}
{12} Nightfall  {5}  Gregorian Chants

6.  {  Between 2}
{10} Rafees {1} Olly Boy

7. {Tough and Intresting Race}
{15} Sparkling Eyes {8} Hall o Famer {Shuld Place}
When we look media tips and Past performers of the Inform contenders, It will be difficult to  select other horses, which have NOT performed well, But Any Analysist or Passion in this Field, will take it EASY and try to WORK OUT , All the horses of that Race, to See   any  chance Inform horse has Negative And SRTHEME calculation may have a Clue, Irrespective of Result. 

As one of the  probe says:

Favorite horses means Individual Choice
Let it be 40ps or 40 times.
BUT No Guarantee for Both of them.

On that Count Sparkling Eyes, Ignore all the Runs, Facing Tough Contenders, But has Capacity to Give Puzzle to All, If Betting Range Contenders takes it Easy. {Small Hedge, at Longer odds  NO Harm}

{1} Pristina  {{11} Pass the Glry