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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Evening Mumbai Races

Dear All

To my understanding of today Race card at Mahalaxmi track, cannot be easy Run for betting Range, Any how As usual Check postive trend and bio other Parameters.

Do your Home Work.

Here are my Selected optional choice along with SRTHEME {WWherever it is applicable} 

1.{Run of the Race}
{8} Advance  To Contact  {6} Name of the Game

2. {Upset will be in Store}
{11} Avakraz  {3} Wildhorn

3. {Check the Tote Indication}
{6} Furious N Fast  {1} Set to Fly

4. {Longer Distance at Risk}
{6} Trombone {8} Windhoek  

5. {Bad Race}
{4} Arc of Passion {13} High Winds 

6. {Run of the Race}
{3} Koal  {10} Jetaway

7. {Maiden to Enjoy}
{1} Dirty Perty {7} Dance of Fire

8. {Between 2}
{2} The Civilian {10} Rock In Rio 

{10} Hypothesis  {8} Speed of Sound


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what happen sir no updates from past 2 days..