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Friday, March 3, 2017


Dear All

My Choces and SRTHEME to my Understanding on 
Special Day of India Racing Calender. 

1. {Run of the Race}
{8} Rare and Famous {3} Amazing Desire
If  we ignore  D ACCORD, the Race looks wild open and SRTHEME Signal  is Run oft of the Race, on that line Rare and Famous, whose trial looks impressive and little bit of positive trend at race time , Should Run  a Bold Race here}

Amazing Desire {Can be useful all Polls}

2  {Between 2}
{13} Flying Prince {4} Ninon {Default Contender}
Flying Prince {4th in his last outing.  Has better Saddle up to shine here}

3. {Maiden for Enjoyment}
{9} Shivalik Crown} {6} Mauritania  
First Name Should Place and can create flutter in good odds, If Second Name, which will be low odds always a Risky.

4. {Between 2}
{5} Antananarivo {8} Arvak

5. {Upset will be in Store}
 {10} Sterling Role {15} Emancipation

6. {Between 2}
{4} Tintinnabuation  {9} Magisterio
Tintinabuation {Gets lovely chance for Winning knot after long time and best stayer, If Saddlle up didnot do any mess.}

Magistero {Can be useful All Polls}

7. {Run of the Race}
{12} Solomon  {6} Micky Mouse

{8} Rain Kissed {12} Indian Brahmos


vemula krrishna said...

Hi sir, plz don't think bad regarding my comment as selections of 3rd is 6: Mauritania, 6:Shivalik crown. How could it be the both horses with same no. Hence there is lots of time left for the race right. So just want to look after that {Mauritania:6, Shivalik Crown:9 I knew it as i always look after the race card} thank you sir.

hari kumar said...


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punith messi said...

sir please one horse on invitation day waiting for selections