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Friday, June 16, 2017


Dear All

Due to Heath reason unable to  post.

Here are my  choices along with(SR Theme)  within 2, and do your homework
look AT positive trend AT race time.

1. (Maiden AT Risk)
(5)Hot N Firé (12)  Surprise Package

2. (Betting Range)
(11) New Mallet (8) Midnight Sky

3. (Run of the Race)
(7) High Hawk (8) Blue Sonic

4. (Betting Range)
(3) Fresh Start (9) Carolina

5. (Betting Range)
(12) Watch my Script (13) Rare Rhytm

6. (Upset Will be in Store)
(13) Marina Del Ray (9) Athena

7.  (Between 2)
(14) Track Striker (4) Air Distinction

(8) Lunar Storm (3) Santísimi Secret


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punith messi said...

Hi srikanth sir so many days thanks for the selections..

Madhu Sudan said...

hi ,sir welcome back to racing world..