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Monday, June 15, 2015

Mysore 16.06.2015

{9} Welcome Again {10} Vrajanandan {Soft} {2} Backwind

{6} Always on Top   {4} Robinhood Pandey

{4} Stride to Success {Soft} {7} Halia

{4} Dance of a General {2} Esoterical

{4} Class Above {Soft} {10} Sky Jasmine {8} Cosmic Touch

{8} Gran Turismo  {1} Divine  Friendship{Soft} {10} Clinch

{5} Kohinoor Bliz  {2} Kolavari Di

Have a Superlative Day


Thunderstrike said...

Free tips. Always check before you trust.

For More Click on 1thunderstrike1.blogspot.in

Anonymous said...

Mr.Thunderstrike enough is enough. If you charging for tips you have no right to post in free blogs.

Thunderstrike said...

May I know My rights being ruled or framed under which constitution panel of Indian Govt.
Do you fall under the same category as I do OR do you have different citizenship.
I have the rights.. to post Anywhere I want until I am being ruled and directed by the law or the concern owner of the page to stop hereafter.

If you do not want to see my post. Please ignore.

good day to you.

Anonymous said...

mr thunderstrike,
are u telling there are 27 fools who are giving money for ur tips, which u r posting in every free blogs,god save them

Anonymous said...

Amazing tips by Mac. Two sure shot tips for win both out of board. Keep it up Mac.

Paid performance for Mysore 16th June
Here are the selections provided to the paid subscribers :

Suggested win bets


Place / Upset bets


Thunderstrike said...

Yes my friend , There 27 fools as you said. But what I see is compare to you they are better. Why are you jealous towards them. Either you do not trust on my capabilities or you do not know have money.
As I said. And will say.
I am here for everyone's entertainment. Let it be you or anyone. Your and other have options to enjoy the free tips or enjoy paid tips.
I am not specificaly defining to join the paid tips.
Everone who calls me. I say if you do not want to enroll then enjoy the free tips.

Atleast I am trying to win the hearts of you and everyone by my free tips.
It is not necessary to pay for the paid tips.

Do you get it.

My marketing strategy involves a thinner and goldn line between the free and paid tips.
I equally work hard for every selections.
Free tips are said without directions how to play.
Paid tips are said with directions how to play.
Special paid tips are few tips where I try put my money.

So it is seriously not necessary to follow my paid tips. If you are smart you can win anytime by adjusting your choice by my given free choices.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Thuderstrike. I hope by now you have 50 members paying 1 k and 10 members paying 50 k. By the way in what name you asking for paymnet. Do you have account in name of Thunderstrike in bank. Ha Ha. Not one member you have. You know it.

Thunderstrike said...

I wish you were 100% true. But no
I do not have those many people enrolled with me.
Time will define my performance and about my paid members.
Once again.
People like you who post as Anonymous should understand that you pointing fingers to my least define tag name.
About my self. Is already known by many and I believe I am not hiding anything.
Yes you are true. I should have opted for the bank account on the Tag name of Thunderstrike.
As banks do allow for CURRENCT ACCOUNTS.
For further detail please contact them.
Now why I did not opened a bank account with the tag name of Thunderstrike.
Simple I do not want to fool my members. The one who are paying for special paid members can claim their money if they are not in profit under defined conditions.

I think I have been a headache for people like you who do not have identity and post under the name of Anonymous.
If you choose to be hidden then it is good. But if I try to use the same trick you shout at me. Still thats my tag name. Officially most of them know who I am.

SO hence I will stop promoting for your own good. Try to focus in racing . If you do not like me or my post. Just ignore.

Anonymous said...

Thunderstrike you seem to be spending more time visiting blogs seeing their post and posting. Just imagine if Shyam, Srikanth or Sharat Sharma became paid tipsters where would have people like you be today. Do you think they are fools to write blog free. Do you know how much time and energy it takes. People like you or Mac or others think it is free money to give horses that pay 18 rs place or 20 rs win. Very Sad my friend.

Anonymous said...

mr thunder strike,
u r a baby in this world, u 27 fools are better than me , we see and analyse free bloggers , we have seen race gurus vanish, we have seen racetips struggling,,wonder tips trying,u r telling us 27 fools are better than us, it free tipsters like shyamji,sreekantji,sharat sharmaji,and some what vincero that are helping punters survive in this world of gamblers of horse racing, in which many have lost lives,families and peace.hope and best of luck for u, but dont disturb other bloggers in there blogs this blog does not belong to u, if u Or others have any doubt they can ask for or request the blogger for his analysis and help

Thunderstrike said...

I might agree with what you are pointing to.

But you seem to be not knowing what you are pointing to. I do not point horse for 18rs or 20rs or 100rs or 400rs. You seriously need to do the homework to know what are my capabilities. I do not fall prey for odds. I am a person who like to play irrespective of the odds. And for proof. You can do the homework. How many long-shots I have pointed out.

My performance will define about my skills. People from Indiarace.com know about my performance.

I said once again. I am not asking anyone to join paid tips. You can enjoy like others as they do with the free bloggers.

sarat sharma , shyam, srikanth , luckstallion, captain analsi, ruchiratings, Deccanselections and many to be named are the follow list in my blog. If I recall may be two years back.
Now I have my own tricks and try to take over the better bloggers as healthy competition.

You can not compare legends with coming up talents like me. They once were the starters and newbie like me. They have grown with time.

If I had started the blog long since they did. I guess the amount of traffic I get as a newbie . You will keep your loud mouth mum for a while.

My friend , Yes I am spending lot of time visiting other blogs. to make a hit you need to promote.
Regarding as Bloggers. Very soon you will understand. Where the free bloggers will move ahead. Until then. Please do not compare me with Mac or anyone.
I try to win hearts as a free blogger. But why I am charging only for my few tips. Which should not be concern for you or anyone as freebie on my blog.

If srikanth,shyam, sarat sharma like bloggers try to charge their customers. You might be right. I may not stand upto standard. But then I am stilling winning with my free tips. So ultimately it is my sole purpose to keep you freebie and myself survive this game of skill.

I once again ask you to do the homework to know about my performance. Will hereby stop advertising for short period of time for invisible people like you.

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