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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Dear All

Due to Time Constrain, unable to give much details and aso Post Yesterday Night.

Important note @ Race time.

a. Check the positive trend at race time Selected horses.

b. Keep a Eye on Trainer or owner Double.

c. Keep a Eye on SOFT Contenders, which have NOT
 Performed Previous Races this Seasons, Based on One Individual Interest.

What is affect for SOFT Contenders?. 
{Second Outing Forward Timing}
Example only

Vrajanandan {Soft}
Class Above {Soft}
MEHERANI 591{Default Contender} {Soft}
HAVELOCK PRINCE 614{Can be use All Polls} {Soft}
TANDAV|577 |SOFT-Will be Favourite.

If SOFT Contenders Doesnot have VALUE than,
Always have option to SKIP.

1. Upset will be in Store. (Maiden@Risk)
{10) Sazae San {4} MR Go [Soft} {6} Diamond Attraction {Soft}

2. {Bad Race}
Best in the lot is Time Matters, but I Feel it needs A.Shoe.
Brigadier {Win quota Over}

{5} Touch of Romance {3} Heavenly Divas {4} Come on Gingin

{5} Best Move  {9} Al Dahma  {3} Lincon Continental

{10} Bucethalis{Soft} {7} Zoe {6} Absolute Pleasure

{4} Always United {3} Al Dorado {Soft} {6} Dare the Don

{6} Class is Class{Soft} {8} Fink  {4} Constantine

{4} Markus Sittikus {8} Bold Nature {2} Azure Fire

{4} No Boundaries {1} Spiritual Blue

Have A Superlative Day..


Anonymous said...

3 horses board out. No reply or idea why.

COSMIC TOUCH(paid) Win Board out
GRAN TURISMO(free) Board out
TRIPLE VICTORY(free) Board out

Anonymous said...

your time is not good so board out dont blame others

Thunderstrike said...

That was hilarious. I mean. You seem to not like the truth. I do not lie my friend. I could had posted something to fool everyone. But then I am not like others. I stand by my given selections and none of my paid members have complained. If they do I will stop these paid selections.

Both of the anonymous is posted by same person. So it looks like you are in need of help from a psychiatric .

Whom do I have to reply is the concern. If it is my paid members. I am happy to do so. For you. Please stop visiting my blogs to enjoy the other winning tips.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Soon Thunderstrike board out.

Anonymous said...

Paid performance for Mysore 16th June
Here are the selections provided to the paid subscribers :

Suggested win bets


Place / Upset bets


Thunderstrike said...

Your statement

"Soon Thunderstrike Board Out"

was very touchy and intelligent. Comments like these are quite catchy and healthy to define if you do not like someone.

Thank you for being smart.

Being board Out can never be defined as certain. May be I am an outsider fluke. lolz. Anyways I hope I am not board out.

All the best

Anonymous said...

Mr.Mac gives 7 tips in 7 races. One horse finishes second. Remaining 6 choices did not finish on board. Can anyone tell if they can join these type of people. Today this blog tomorrow another blog.

Monday, 15 June 2015
Free Tips for Mysore races 16th June
Hi guys,
Here are the selections :




Race4 : NATURAL NINE (9)

Race5 : COSMIC TOUCH (8)

Race6 : GRAN TURISMO (8)


That's it for today guys,
Have a profitable day tomorrow at the races.
Paid subscribers will get sureshot win bets tomorrow on their registered mobile number.I have a very special bet tomorrow For all my paid subsricbers.


Anonymous said...

Lolz...thunderstrike and Mac you both dont have any idea of what racing is.Mr thunderstrike dont lie you dont look at odds..when tipping.Everyone saw the way you were analysing that race challenge put up by saurav...and in that odds were your main criteria..dont force me to copy paste again..that here.You know you will lose.You claim tipping favs as your expertise ha ha.Everyone knows half of indiarace.com HT Tipsters dont have any idea of what racing is.That fool Anuj delhi and dharmesh real chutiyas of racing.So here is my list biggest fools of paid tipsters acroos indian soil.

1.Mr Prakash gosavi---this fool is good for nothing just cheating people...mostly his bakras include rich people.
2.Indiaracetips---Just another fool.

May be some day I will have to add your name this list..lol.

Thunderstrike said...

You may add or delete in any list you need. But refrain calling by some offensive language.

When I say I don't see the odds. Is for my days best. Because that is something I have tried my best to find a trick behind those selected horses.

Regarding me as not knowing ABCD of the racing. Can you please try to prove me somewhere I am wrong. May be I will accept the defeat or you will as a gentleman. I do not lie is the most important statement by me.

Atleast I am trying to analyse a race and getting a better choice rather than other tukkas. But then sometimes tukkas can beat the analysed selections too.

The one fact is no one can beat other tipster for long time. There has to be ups and down. I am still drawing traffics including like you gentlemen. I am here to share my tips as free bloggers do. I have not forced or asked anyone to pay. Its your independent choice to enroll or not.

please do not compare with any tipster. Try to compare me with you. And then I shall understand that you are better than me. If you prove. Than congratulation. If you don't then still congratulation for trying.

just don't talk try to do some action.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Friends blindly join. www.indiaracetips.com. No other site in India gives analysis of all horses in every race. They give some amazing tips for paid customers. Ignore these individual tipsters and join the website run by professionals.

Anonymous said...

Atleast these individuals are giving free tips for the demo and performance purpose.

Why should anyone join indiaracetips.com ?

Give us demo and show your performance and then we will think about paying to your tips.

I like jadhavracings and thunderstrike. Both are good with their performance of free tips. But I am not yet ready to join their paid scheme.

Its good to know these tipsters are still posting the free tips. That is good as all the free bloggers.

So fuck you indiaracetips.com

Anonymous said...

Join indiaracetips. Ha Ha. What happened two days Mysore. See their site. Nothing. Do they treat their members like this. No reason published indiaracetips.

Anonymous said...

www.racingtips.in. Cheap and honest.

Anonymous said...

I wonder Why thunderstrike has not posted for his whatever reason of promotion or advertisement as he said.

If you click Thunderstrike.com here you will be surprised . I wonder what his paid tips were. Just don't tell me that even those are better paid.

I can't pay him , so I will make use of his free tips.

To all those morons who are trying to pull his leg. Come on people let us enjoy his free tips. You don't have to pay him. If you got the money you can for his paid tips. It is not mandatory.

I realize today. Like me you all have never thanked Shrikanth ji for his free tips. So why say against someone who is doing a free service for us.

Dharmesh is also good. And as always Sarat sharma ji. Top of the the food chain. My favourite tipster.

Very cheap of you all to forget to say thanks to these free bloggers. Just comment as if Baap ka maal. Typical poor indian punters

Anonymous said...

Sorry if you want to see Thunderstrike. go to


I am not good at posting.

Saurav said...

For all we are here to earn those extra bucks in racing..but I want to ask Thunderstrike one simple and straight question.Can we make a steady income every month on racing alone?.Sir, can we make a decent living on racing alone leaving other jobs?.Can a normal punter earn and live the lifestyle of a software employee in india?.In india one who punts in horse racing is looked like a criminal...why dont people see it as also one sort of business?..All these questions in my mind...I hope Thunderstrike Sir clears my doubts.

Thunderstrike said...


why do you always point a question to me. Anywayz My answer to your Question.

Yes my friend anyone can make money but not the steady income your hoping to.
Simple reason is the selection of the horses by every individual will vary for each race day, card and type and most importantly center.
You may get odds less than even or may be more than 20/1. But even if you get 100% right to choose right selections(which is very rare and impossible for now in India) I still think no one will get constant winners.

Your statement
can we make decent living on racing alone leaving other jobs. Is really shocking and I am concern about your addiction to racing. I bet 1k to 5k only. That is my saved amount for a week from my job.
It might vary for an individual to have 10rs to 50rs OR 1lakh to 10lakhs.

To save an amount you need to work and get your responsibilities done in a manner, where the saved amount if lost. You are not gonna cry.
Because you are betting on an animal. It has its own mood. So as we can predict but can not define a life form and its nature. Similarly we can predict a winner but can not define the certainty about the winner.

Being a science student and electrical engineer. My projects and experiments have been defined but are postulated until the result is derived.
To tell you the truth.

In racing you are at top only for your accuracy about the prediction of a possible gamble. The word certainty can never be defined by the father of horse racing.

You said something about Software employee in India. Why will you compare with them. Trust me they struggle every month to update themselves to get better salary and survive in this competition of new software projects emerging every now and then.

Racing is less complicated compare to the load of work done by the other people in day to day life. The more you complicate about the racing the more deeper you are entangled in its web.

In India and everywhere it is looked as a crime. Because my friend. The way people are addicted to mint money is more dangerous than killing and slicing a man everyday.

get one thing clear. If you are not addicted. Then you are not a criminal. If you are than. It is deadlier than smoking meth (strongest addictive substances , like heroine or crystal) It makes you moody and tensed. If you win you are happy. If not then you eat others head.
Trust me I have been in that situation. Used to smoke two regular packs a day. drinks and a lot more to get straight to find the winners or compensate and relax for the losses I made.

Now I am a changed person. I have control over my addiction. I left smoking, drinking and racing. Only occasionally I do when I pleased to. If not interested . I ignore. That is the reason. I am able to survive in racing.

Today I played Bandito 1k win. Went to office. And did all my job. Saw the post under this blog. and slammed few commentators. And I enjoy writing replies to post referred to me.

Anywayz. I might loose someday. So I know that. And I am not concerned about it.

My simple advice to you. Please control your love towards this sport. You can live a better life than racing. Its just a passion to be enjoyed occasionally and not habitually. You will find more winners . Good luck to you.

Please my advice to every friend and paid member is to cover your losses and runaway from this sport. Or control your urge for racing.

I am not the best person to entertain the addiction for racing. I am very different and has a different opinion about the life around me.

Saurav said...

The racing I always ask you only is because I think you are very humble in discussing about horse racing which I think many tipsters lack.Some tipsters even behave like celebrities..but you are very friendly type person sir...thank you for your reply,I got your point ...best of luck to you in all your future projects.

Thunderstrike said...

Celebrities are termed by us and made by us.

And that is the reason I believe I can be best. But I need to understand that someone or anyone can beat me to be best. So We seriously need to ignore the fact about the differentiation between a person status.

I am happy to know that you have termed me as a friend.
Horse racing. And its celebrity=ies.
Even Suraj and sandesh was shown the shoes and chappal.

Nothing is permanent and hence we need to learn and adapt to the changes.

Thank you and wish to see your post about your selections. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Raceguru closed overnight with 1500 members. The same raceguru stated they charge for tips because they need to pay for information and they so donate to charity. Same raceguru said they are on on annual holiday. Scamsters. Now we have thunderstrike whose profile says engineering and network becoming paid tipster. People who know you and your name are having the last laugh. You a flop in your work and racing. Selling tips for thousand rupees. Banditonwas given by Vincero as days best. See how much work he put in his analysis. Today if you liked bandito why you could not play ten thousand.

Thunderstrike said...

My friend one last advice by me. Vincero is a good tipster. But you need to understand. I am not here fighting to be the best. I am trying here to be better. My performance of tips are transparent. I do not lie. That is the ultimate truth.

For your own good. Please ignore me and stop visiting my blog for the free tips.

You morons want everything for me. And fucking when it comes to do the free service from your side. You hide from the world.

If you are so much interested to get everything for free.
Please become a national leader and try to free the charges on Land, water, food . You know it is given by the god for free. Then why monetize.

You are such an idiot who is arguing with me for baseless reasons. And compare to you I am the biggest idiot to reply to your useless posts.

I am happy to win or loose on 1k bet only.
Because I am not addicted like you . I have respect in my society who know what I am capable of. Not like you who try to visit the tipsters here and there for the tips to make money.

I am self made and self dependent man. Not like you who is dependent on others.

You don't even have the shame to say thanks for the five successful tips. And just trying to accuse me for any baseless reasons.

No more replies under this blog. I free you from my presence in this blog. Go home happy.

People like you make me think twice. Should I go full time paid tipster. But I know my reputation. Because I ultimately want morons like you and good friendly punters and paid punters to be happy. Its My way of life to describe myself as a better person than you.

Remember . fucking you don't have to pay for the free tips.
Yesterday my free tips.
Beautiful revenge place @30
Come On gingin Won @34
Linclon continetal Won @ 41
Fink Won @ 22
Murcilago Won @33

And failed under paid tips
Aanchal Beauty board out.
Go man Go board out.

Special paid tip is the mirror to what I precisely play for a day. Not all the races like you.
Bandito 1k Win

And when I fail you shall cry and pick on me.... bloody idiots... I never said I will not loose. I can assure you but not give the certainty in racing. no fucking can... Read the posts under this comment section.

I wonder how you treat your love ones. Get a clear head. And understand my concept.

Stop this idiotic posts and attitude towards me.

If I was a fulltime paid tipster. Your allegations towards me is 100% right. But fucking I am posting free tips too. Bloody why don't you understand the concept.

If I make a car like Nano and sell free to morons like you and ask you pay me if you like to get better version of nano. You will show me the same attitude. You seriously need to get a life dude. You seriously need to rethink about your cheap attitude.

Anonymous said...

Feeling the heat Mr. Thunderstrike. First watch your smelly tongue. No one has called you names. It looks like you have a bath once a week. You have no right to use such language. Shows how much you educated. Any fool on the road can give tips like that. By way why mention bangalore dividends. All you paid tipsters give blr dividend. Even hyderabad tipsters.

Anonymous said...

Anyone joining thunderstrike has to give undertaking. Nonsense. People are paying 50 k do a dummy. Will you meet the person paying you 50 k. Then you say you are not responsible. Are you registered paid tipster to give undertaking.

Thunderstrike said...

No more reply to you all.. its the same person posting under Anonymous name.

I have not called anyone by names. Until someone indirectly called me by names.

If you are offended I am sorry. As I am disappointed with you targeting me all the time.

If you feel You can find better tips then me. You need not refer to my tips. And I am happy to request you to help all the punters as you like.

Please I Said I will take the responsibility. But then I can't promise for a certain gamble but will try to tell my better methods to find a possible gamble.

Please its a big lie to give certainty in this field.

SO as I said its not necessary to pay. Its about your independent choice. Why does that make sense to you all.

If you don't like to ignore it yaar

Anonymous said...

Mr.Thunderstrike this is Satish. I have 2 questions to you. If you wish to reply please reply in your blog. You can copy this comment and post replies in your blog. It is not right to use someone else's blog to talk about others. Before my questions I would like to say that like many hundreds who visit blogs I am one of them. Whether it is Horsesandraces, Trackeagle, Speedrating, Golimaster and when we see the post of the author are eyes also goes to the comment section. I did not understand what was this going on until I visited your site. Not a single comment visible in your site. It is is obvious that you are deleting comments published in your blog questioning you as you cannot afford to publish them at this point of time. No guts my friend. I don't know you neither I want to know you. What I can tell you is that you not a old person neither an experienced person. You are in your thirties or maybe younger. What I found might hurt you and my questions are:

1) You are a classic example of how people like to hide behind a curtain. You might be known as Thunderstrike for may years on Horse Talk. You might be giving your tips and analysis in your blog or site for free all this time. But when you or any other person wants to charge a fee, state in your site that people need to give undertaking to you that they are paying in in your own free will then it is the moral right of that person to be open, give his name and be willing to meet anyone before they join you. Exmaple is Mr.Prakash Gosavi. See his site. Everything is open. Everyone know who he is. His contact number address all published. His payment terms clearly states that in includes service tax and he pays taxes. Anyone like you or other paid sites who want to hide without revealing should nto be entertained. Yes you have all the right to do what you want to do. Why you want to give some stories like Maharabata and Ramanaya in Horse Talk explaining what is free tips and paid tips.

2) You have given some comment tasking which constitution India says that you cannot post in other people's blogs. Same question to you my friend. Just like you post other people either anymymous or with names have all the right to question people like you. This is not a news channel where Arnab Gosawami can question guys like you. So people if offended can question paid tipsters with all their right. Trying to use filthy language will lead you no where.

I hope the best for you. May you succeed in your new business. Don't forget pay your taxes before the law catches up with you.

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Anonymous said...

Are these type of people people encouraging. What a sham.

Conditions for Paid Members.

Note that you must be over 18 years to be eligible to pay and subscribe for my tips
Must be prepared to give an undertaking that you are acting out of your own free will and with full awareness that despite my personal Tips for your payment you may encounter financial profit/loss for which you will not hold "Thunderstrike(that is me Owner of this blog)" responsible in any manner.

Anonymous said...

What does the head post of every free blogger says. Let it be shyaam , srikant, Trackeagle. The senior and better tipster than thunderstrike.

They have the similar type of quotation of phrases. What is wrong in it.
They are warning you about the gambling of the races.

Thunderstrike says don't enroll if you don't want too or don't have cash too.. Enjoy the free tips.
Its shame on you people . You are just targeting this simple tipster. He is not like racingtips and Prakash gosavi. These do not even give free tips. And want us to enroll for that much cash. Even Wonderselections has gone full paid members. You can enjoy jadhavracing tips too for fee. Don't have to enroll for the tips.

Atleast this person is giving free tips and not asking you to purposely join his paid plans for few tips. Enjoy the free tips like I do. Why bother with the paid tips.

Whats wrong with all of you. Why do you not understand his logic. I called him on phone. He strictly said to me. No you don't have pay if you don't have cash. Just enjoy the free tips. And take your own decisions.

What else do you expect from a tipster. You don't have cash then keep quiet and if you don't like him. Then as he said ignore him.

Khaiko Rai ka pahad bana rahe ho tum log.

Anonymous said...

From Transparency
Enjoying rain .
A mere coincidence that a forthnight ago prediciction of Mumbai will b having incessant rainfall was not taken seriously .
Anyway Dear Thunder ur comments about being an Engineer as well performance on HorseTalk bamboozle me as I had seen ur participation on PTR of Horse Talk for the last 5 yrs (Every centre every season loss of 3-5lacs thru losing tips ) So ur statement that u do not lie holds no water .Lolz on referring Pradeep a known Pune stall bookie participating on HorseTalk as ur known frd.
And lolz on u posting comments on addiction when posting that u played one k Bandito b4 reaching office ???? Isnt it a contradictory ?
P.S Real punters do note that htians Birds of same feathers r flocking together

Anonymous said...

Dear Transparency. I am sorry. Please my salute to the greatest tipster in universe. Now don't reply back please. I won't either. please. Accept my apologies. I am Sorry for everything. I am the biggest foolish tipster and worst person in the world. You are the lord.

Please everyone praise the lord of the tipster.

Your tips are the greatest. And if once again post taking my name in any post. I do not wan't to crack my head open. Please bhai please. I request you to not take my name in your post. I agree my failure.

After requesting this much. If you take my name in any post. I do not want to use the offensive language. please spare me.

You have seen for past 8months I have not targetterd you. So maintain the same distance. I seriously doesn't want to target you and make a hype.

Regarding PTR. You will get the Surprise very soon. Bhai please avoid my name in your post.

Thunderstrike said...

Dear Transparency. I am sorry. Please my salute to the greatest tipster in universe. Now don't reply back please. I won't either. please. Accept my apologies. I am Sorry for everything. I am the biggest foolish tipster and worst person in the world. You are the lord.

Please everyone praise the lord of the tipster.

Your tips are the greatest. And if once again post taking my name in any post. I do not wan't to crack my head open. Please bhai please. I request you to not take my name in your post. I agree my failure.

After requesting this much. If you take my name in any post. I do not want to use the offensive language. please spare me.

You have seen for past 8months I have not targetterd you. So maintain the same distance. I seriously doesn't want to target you and make a hype.

Regarding PTR. You will get the Surprise very soon. Bhai please avoid my name in your post.

Anonymous said...

From Transparency ok accepted
ok as have seen as well observed how Horse Talk play tricks and experienced their hiding the tips comments as well participating tips in PTR of mine (eventual winners and overall profitable may b a mere coincidence )
P.S Neither interested nor having time to tip on any free blogs . Yeah believe in De Na for cheers and an unconditional supporter predicting both on free blogs incl H.T ,but the cunning cronies r playing the same tricks on Transparency like one played on mentor who was unconditional supporter of one flamboyant owner 5 yrs back .