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Saturday, July 25, 2015

4th Day@ Malakpet Track

Dear All

PS. SR THEME updated on Race  day around 10.23 AM. Wherever it is not updared take it Betting Range Race to my understanding. If  Maiden Race, How best the card and horse be, it will be always at Risk.

SR Theme has different kind of calculation, if time permits only I can post on Same day, otherwise Morning on Race Day. 

I wonot  write  for Name Sake.

Many times writing here, that  if rating is good it is not necessary to oblige, but other parameters are very very Essential Especially betting Range / Favorite Horses. 

If it is Longer odds no harm due to Fancy Investment and also cover with all pools.

The most horses at  Pune  track on  Thrusday and Friday   Favorites/Betting Range horses had  fitness  Problem and other parameters not fitted..

Feeling bad latter no use.

Look for Positive trend including Horse weight which  will be handy to increase / reduce  / cover with other horse / Skip the Race.

If I predict a horse here based on speed rating and on Race time If same horse has increased say overweight based on previous run I will skip that horse Especially  more weight and  looker for other alternative horses within selected choice or Skip the Race .

Keep a Eye on Trainner and Connection Double {If Any}

Whenever Races are postponed, It will be tough.

Do your Home work and Pick Right One.

1. {Betting Range}
{6} Amethyst  {9} Sefarina  {4} Lethals King

2. {Betting Range}
{10} Chal Raja Chal {9} Red Rambble {6} Thats my Darling

3. {Betting Range}
{7} Kintyre Princess  {9} Prideofmaduranagar  {4} Vijay Vishw

4. {Betting Race - Good}

{8} City Tex  {4} Golden Phoenix  {2} Silver Passion

5. {Skip the Race}
{3} Proud Image  {9} Kohinnor Thunder  {5} Field Commander

6.{ Looks to be Good Race}

{5} Miltary Bellie  {2} Rajkumar  {7} Allianz Arena

7. {Upset will be in Store}

{6} Komo Komo Komo {3} Glorious View  {2} Whats UP {Default Contender} 

8. {Run of the Race}

{7} Typhoon {8} Symbol of Pride

Have a Superlative Day and Be Caution



Srikanth Ji,
Please post upset and good bets for Hyderabad races.
I am personnel appeal again one time please post one good bet and one fluke bet. It will more useful to all punters who loss more money and recover a small.
Sudarshan Rao

Sunil Kumar said...

pls post comments sir