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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Dear All

Due to  short of time, unable to give detail.

Based on query, Which may be useful to some of them and most of them knew it.

Keep a note on Horse weight - Especially Selected Horses, which will be display in TV (Previous  Weight and Present Weight) if weight increase drastically it will run Easy Race.

Example (Figure from memory So Roughly - Please correct if any.) In 6th Race Horse No 8 Flamboyance increased 21kg or 12kg.  Horse No 1 Starlet Decreased 11kg

You know the Picture (FB ran in front got tired) And (Starlet Good Second at longer odds.)

That is reason why, we mention | Check the positive trend at race time.|

{2} Fashion Flame  {8} Victory Girl

{5} Summer Dawn  {3} Power and Strength

{7} Bonfire  {11} Spice Girl

{10} Honorable Empress {8} Ace Shineon

{12} Tronado {10} Adverse

{2} IM Different  {5} Shivalik Star

{4} Marvellous Strike {12} Shining Armor

{5} Rare and Brave  {8} Groovy Moves

{7} Knighwood  {10} Light of Magic


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