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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Good Morning

Please Refresh, Posting after workout.

1. {Maiden @ Enjoy the Race}
{6} Script  Writer

2. {Betting Range}
{6} Peppr {7} Summerville

3. {Run of the Race}
{9} Concentration {7} Strive and Serve

4. {Betting Range}
{4} Oro Plata {2} Refreshed

5. {Upset will be in Store}
{7} Flames of Forest {8} Sufficent Proof {2} Class Above

6. {Skip the Race}
{7} Dragon {4} Kaguya Himei

7. {Run of the Race}
{9} Oriental Masti {12} Ice Brown {1} Lads Ability

{8} Push the Limit {2} Al  Dorado

Have A Superlative Day


venkatesh purshavakam said...

hi sir ur selections super

Vijay Reddy said...

Sir jp selections plz

Vijay Reddy said...

Sir jp selections plz

shiva kumar said...

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