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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bangalore [6th March 2015]

Good Morning
View posted on Race Day.

The card looks Tricky.

Race time  indication give a clue where the selected horses which are within secods stands in for fighting line.

There are plenty of Multiple connection entry and the horses which have given Easy run previous races of our selected horses may try all out.

Anther point, which aways mentione here that, there is no harm having covered bet, if we wager any horse of that race.

Take Example of yesterday last Race of Trainer Sarat horse. Our workout was horse no 8 [astride H.Rathod ] and Horse No 7 has Won.

 If the Same trainer or Connection horse on job another one wont even placed EXCEPT rare case.

Another Point like to inform that Jockey H.Rathod recent few races had good handicap horses, but not tried to the horse potentilal, {same races  if any one notice you much aware that the stablemate have won} and  may  give surprise any time  when least execpected.

 Keep a eye this Jockey (H.Rathod) If it is in (Positive  Longer odds) only small hedge and keep in Jackpot poll / other pols if interested.

Do your homework and skip if it is any Negative trend at Race Time.

[1] Shivalik Eyes [3] Love is Life [11] Apollo Rising

[5] Private Party [7] Attractive Bay [1] Magnetize

[1] Balian [6] Ones s Own [3] Colorato

[6] Atlas Power [7] Cool Approach [8] Coolmore

[11] Air Dancer [9] Sagrada [7] Temujin

[4] Starhunt [8] Ontime [7] I Smile

[10] All Proof [6] Carducci [1] Capitalize

[3] Pacific Blue [11] Shideh

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