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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mumbai [22.03.2015]

My Views and Explanation on Race Day around 8.00AM.

As always look for good value  odds wbith less investment or Skip the Race if any Negative Trend.

Please donot read my choice [123] which are within seconds and  race time clue may give indication where it will Stand.

1. [Betting Range - Best avoilable Race]
[8] IBis [1] Word of Honour [2] Lhotse
Ibis [Knocking the  door. Unlucky horse. Should be in fighting line.]

Wordof Honour [Last week ran second in race no 271 2000M. Jockey change to Santosh. Failed Favourite. Will try start to finish attempt]

Lhotse [Demote. Jockey change to on Prasad.SG. Should Place]

2. [Betting Range]
[6] Jimbo [2] In the Limelight [4] Beforememoriesfades

3. [Betting Range]
[6] Native Force [3] Just by Chance [7] Attraction

4. [Betting Range]
[5] Authority [6] Komandant [1] Hoshiyaar
Komandant [5th to APPACHE in race no 267 1400M. Same weight and jockey change to Mudassar. Extended trip will suit better based on previous run. If any upset will be Right there]

5. [Upset will be in Store]
[7] Alectar [11] Queen of Venus [1] Shaughness
Alectar [Good 5th to FLASHDRIVE in Race no 208 1600M after forward Run.. 2.5kg down. Jockey change to N.Rawal. Good on track with same jockey who is riding today. Should Run a Bold Race here]

Queen of Venus [SShould place and will be in Fighting Line]

Shaughness [Can be useful for all Polls]

6.  [1600M Run of the Race]
[5] Maximus [2] Shivalik Storm [4] Yours Royal Majesty
Maximus [Previous Run best ignore. 1kg down. Same jockey astride. Had a good forward where Zachary won. Can Score Here]

Shivalik Storm [Should Place again]

Yours Royal Majetsty [Inform Horse. Good on tracks. Handicap is stiff. Jockey change to P.Trevor. Will be favourite]

7. [Betting Range]
[5] Chritmas Eye [3] Magnifence [6] Desert Lilly

8. [Upset will be in Store]
[10] Reach the Stars [2] Pretty Hot [9] Padmakosa
Reach the Stars. [Impressive winner in race no 193 1400M. 3kg level up on promotion. Jockey change to A.Sandesh. Track work Notice after that Run. Can Repeat.]

Pretty Hot [Can be useful for all Polls]

Padmakosa [Failed Favourite in race no 201 5th to BLUE BAY 1000M. Half kg up. Jockey change to Merchant. If any Fluke will be Right there]


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Anonymous said...

From Transparency
First time I noticed this tipster tipping odds on Authourity and christmas Eve as first choice ?????????
No need to reiterate my umpteen comments on his first choice as one can view the statistic for himself .
P.S go for his third choice in win or place if u want to profit and ignore first.

Anonymous said...

From Transparency
irony that the other free blogger shyam had tipped four other horses with plus one more in place than the above tipster ???? So overall 8 choices all for free to choose to find one winner and two places ??????
So any punter who biew such free blogs will always remain confuse and lose with the bookies profiting on daily basis through bets from such confused punters .
Yeah their own staff will post postfacto thxs of playing them without actually playing a dime.
My choice
Christmas Eve had no opposition and home and dry unless Sandesh had the same oxford opinion Days best
Shivalik storm no morning odds is gud each way bet since it is a PBM winner back to its pet distance had beaten Bsafe whereas Maximus had beaten Maisha my another classic contender who refuse to participate but on age Shivastorm had a better chance than Maximus.
P.S another irony whenever Shroff is fav Jaydev Mody/Malesh combo wins at longer odds or had placed.