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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mumbai (08.03.2015)

Change of my choice in 8th race. Updated on race day at 8.45am.

Avoid favourites, look for good value odds with less investment or skip the race if it in No Value/Negative trend.

As Always, the Selected choice are within Seconds, Please dont read (123)

1. [Upset will be in Store]
[9] Earth Sensor [5] Meggido [3] Star Prince

2. [Maiden @ Risk]
[3] Blitzkrieg [Should run a bold Race] [8] Corabella [2] Another Conquest

3. [Betting Range]
[11] Super Bolt [10] Home Factor [9] Star Builder

4. [Upset will be in Store]
[7] Veni Vidi Vici [Should be in Fighting Line]
[11] Zana [If any Fluke, will be Right There]
[15] Miss Senorita

5. [Betting Range]
[2] Bethpage [3] Argyle Pink [9] Cartel

6. [Betting Range]
[13] Egyptiana [Should Place. Can upset]
[3] Remember Me [Default Contender]
 [9] Spider Man

7. [Maiden @ Risk]
[5] Tennessee [3] Multiglory [10] Pearl Secret

8. [Run of the Race]
[6] Rodeo [If any upset will be Right There]
[5] Reynolds [Default Contender]
[2] Highlander
[3] Striker [Can be useful for all Polls]
Reynolds has been included.

9. [Upset will be in Store]
[14] Legend of the Seas [Should Place. Can win]
[7] Ashrafie[Impressive winner. Tracking well after that Run Jockey Change. Running on Promotion. Can Repeat]
 [5] Quest of Love [If connection wating for double, will try all out]

10.[17] Izarra [4] Hunt for Heads

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