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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kolkatta & Hyderabad

Good Morning
Calcutta card looks attractive.

My choice and SR Theme updating for this centre on race day 9.30AM. {Refresh}

I Consider Following this, while  Displaying SR THEME.
When I post, Normally the odds will not be available, even if it is available, I just ignore it, the reason is calculation will distrub. Only After I Publish, Check it, Where it Stand.

Betting Range {less than 6, but if the Said horse is a upset based on the card, I had/will display Upset will be in Store, if Favourite doesnot impress me, Rest depends at Race time trend}

Do your home work, check the positive trend @ Race time.

{6} Multifold {10} Don Magnifico

{3} Kinloch  {4} Warsaw Ace

{6} Evera  {8} Romantic Magic

{5} Sam Houston {3} Juliana {2} Rani Thea

{9} Resolution  {2} Speed King {12} Multitude

{10} Fortune Favours {4} Cohiba {8} Mr. Gorgeous

{11} Isle of Avalon  {12} Raw Silk

1. {Betting Range}
{8} Yes bank  {4} Angel Bell

2 {Maiden @ Skip the Race}
{4} Montana Sky  {6} Mary Rose

3 {Betting Range}
{1} Romantic Fire  {5} Egyptian Wind

4 {Betting Range}
{4} Kimono {3} Brilliant Twist  {5} Fabulous Jewel

5.  {Upset will be in Store}
{9} Yet Another  {13} Miss A Kiss {12} Buckshee

6. {Upset will be in Store}
{9} Parade Queen {12} Cornwallis  {1} Desire

{2} Flower Drum  {7} Sea Change

1 comment:


Srikanth Ji,
You are giving which Race is upset its very useful to all.
But one thing almost all race days consolation leg is going to Upset.
Few days back in Upset Races most of the Results will come Srikanth selections only. Now a days its reversed in upset Races nil results Srikanth Sir selections.
Almost all punters having at most knowledge about race.No one can play blindly but your choices is very low standards.
Sudarshan Rao