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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Malapet Track

1. {Betting Range}
{5} Madiba  {4} Bellatrix  {3} Bharat Princess
Madiba {Impressive winner in same idential distance.  Good on tracks. Will repeat Again}

Bellatrix {Based on latest track and if it takes Levl jump, Should be in fighting line}

Bharat Princess {Default Contender}

2. {Run of the Race}
{2} Charlie Brown  {11} Without Makeup {3} Euro Zone
Charli Brown {Experience Sire in this bunch. Ignore  previous run. If it takes level Jump, can create Flutter}

Withut Makeup {TTracking well along with Strong Jockey astride. Should run a fighting race on debut}

Euro Zone {Default Zone}

3 {Betting Range}
{7} Eva  {6} Dolce {5} Buckshee
Eva {3rd to JUNIOR in race no 36 16M. 3.5kg up. Jockey change to Ajit Singh. } {Should Win Here}

Dolce {Should Place}

Buckshee {Can be useful All Polls}

4. {Upset will be in Store}
{4} Noble Citizen {3} Baashagar {5} Net Champ
Noble Citizen {Impressive 4th in race no 24 1100M. Jockey change to Kuldeep.S . Good on tracks. Should Place. Can Upset}

Baashagar {CCan be useful for all polls}

Net Champ {Should Place}

5. { Betting Range}
{4} Commanding Boy {6} Little Smart Heart {2}King of Pop
Commanding Boy {Inform horse. Jockey Kunal Bunde doing well so far.  Working Extremely good on tracks.} {Should VA Win}

Little Smart Heart {If it takes level jump, Should be in fighting lline}

King of Pop {Should Place}

6. {Upset will be in Store}
{9} Upon A Star  {8} Fresco {7} Cirillo
Upon A Star {Impressive Second to Fresco in last outing same identical Back Distance. Jockey change to G.Nagesh, whose body language has improved a lot.  Running on promotion rated} Can  reverse the table now.

Cirillo {Should Place}

7. {Skip the Race}
{6} Woman O War  {5} Thats  my Darling

8 {Betting Range}
 {10} Torremolinos {3} Flower Roll Up {5} Rebellion
Torremolinos {Working extremely good on tracks. Should Place. Can upset}

Flower Roll up {WWinner in mock race. Can repeat in real race}

Rebellion {Default Contender}

{9} Moon Walker {2} Vllee Secrete

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