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Thursday, October 27, 2016


{2} He is the Man

{3} Fidelia

{4} Roses Are Forever

4. {Upset will be In Store}

{5} Sea Horse {8} Money Plant

As per Race  Card {1400M. Class IV Handicap Race}

{To my understanding, Analiyes herewith}

Vidyeesha {87.03} Younger Horse. Winner in Race No 31 12M Terms Race. Well placed on Handicap Race. Same Jockey Astride. Working Extremely Good on Tracks after that Run. Will be Favourite. Will try Start to Finish Attemptn{Default Contender based on Distance and Weight}

Extreme Desire {88.10} Younger Horse. 3rd in Previous Run. Winner in lowe class Same identical Distance. Jockey change to C.S.Jodha. Tracking Well. Will be in Betting Range. {This Contender has done Fairely well in Aluminium Shoe, Than what is Necessary for changing Steel Shoe} {If there want to Win, {Let it be So} Ignore from my Side.

My Gloria {91.36} For the Number

Gambler Returns {86.52} Inform contender. Poised for Hatrick. Well Placed on Promotion. Jockey change to Apprentice Jockey A Ali Jafri. {This Jockey has Placed once in lower class in 14M. last Season} {This Horse is FIT for both the Shoes. A/S} Facing Tough  contenders. Track work notice after that win. {Can be useful All Polls.}

Seahorse {86.10} Classic Sire. Ignore all the 3 Runs in this Season. The lastest Running Style was Impressive 5th out of 14. 2.5kg up. Jockey change to Danish Ali. Running Righ/Pet Distance.} The Connection might feel, it can be in Fighting line and might have Change Aluminum Shoe.} 
2 Wins from A.Shoe 14M {Working Good on Tracks} 
{Is the Horse to BEAT}

Quality Dancer{89.70} Failed Favourite last time. Younger Horse. Need A.Shoe for Win.} Track work notice after that Run. Wonot trouble now.

Super Select {87.22} This Horse is FIT for both the Shoe {A/S} Has Strong Jockey Astride. No Track work. Facing tough Contenders and age

Money Plant {87.08} Consistent Performer this Season. Running Pet Distance.  Tracking well after that Run. {2 Wins from Steel Shoe, With Same jockey who is Riding today} {Should PLACE}

Royal Contry Star {95.75} For the Number.

5. Seahorse           {86.10}
8. Money Plant     {87.08}
4. Gambler Returns{86.52} 

{7} Ashwa Dhruvi {2} Yalamlam 

{10} Brillant Rajput


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