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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Wish You All A Happy Deepavali

Dear All

My Choices/Explanation/SRTHEME, to my understanding, Herewith on last day of Mysore Main Season}

1.  {Run of the Race}
{6} Slightly Blonde  {9} Precious Script
SB {I feel this contender running Right Distance, Tracking well and also Trainer is having betting range horse, Such that if jockey has Pat on back} Should Place. Can Upset.}

Precious Script {WWill be in in Fighting line}

Pure Esteem {Not Impressed to my workout}

2. {Between  2}
{1} Iroko  {5} Deliberation
Iroko {Nothing much to Say. Impressive GP and Positive Shoe, Sometime is a Signal in Fighting line}

Deliberation {Good 3rd in Previous Run with Hangin. Corrected. Good on track with same jockey who is Riding today.} Should Run bold Race here. {Will be Favourite}

3. {Check the Tote Indication}
{7} Waiting for Glory  {5} Ignition
Waiting for Glory {Failed Favourite {4th} last time due to Bad Stumbled. Jockey change to 4kg Nazerul Alam} Can Amends Here.

Ignition {Can be useful All Polls}

4. {Check the Positive Tote Indication}
{12} Richie Hill  {5} Claire
Richie Hill {Maiden. Ignore all  the Runs. Should Run bold race here}

Claire  {Should Place}

5. {Betting Range}
{7} Cullinan  {3} Lovely Dancer
Cullinan { Easy 3rd in last outing. 1.5kg down. Jockey change to Srinath. Very well Rested without Track Word on Paper} If Fit, Should Run a Bold Race here.

Lovely Dancer {Any upset, will be Right there}

6. {Upset will be in Store}
{10} Yellowzone  {11} Masteroftherolls {Default Contender}
Yellow Zone {Impressive 3rd last tim 16M. The winner was ONTIME,  who has finished 2nd next outing} Same weight. Jockey Change. {Should Place. Can Upset}

7.  {Between 2}
{3} Ascendency  {12} Waterfall
Ascendency {Classic Sire. Winner on Debut. Runnafter long lay off} 1.5kg up. Jockey change to Srinath. Trainer placed Single mount for the Day.} Working Extremely Good with Same jockey who is Riding today} 
Should Run a Bold Race Here.

Waterfall {Default Contender}

8. {Betting Range}
{8} First Step  {3} Fourth Dimention
First Step {Poised for Hatrick.Should Win, if run on Merit}

{11} Wild Wild Angles

Do your Homework.


punith messi said...

Hello srikanth ji Happy diwali Thanks for the selections

k K said...

Trainers: vikram appachu,k.somashekar and jockey p.kiran rai iam not selecting these people.

best of luck....these tips are my choices....

1) 6,7,3

2) 9,6,1

3) 12,2,7

4) 6,11,1

5) 10,8,1

6) 1,9,8

7) 5,11,2

8) 9,5,1

9) 4,9,12

Anonymous said...
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