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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Dear All.

Today Race card looks Tough, Not like {Delhi Race out of 12 Races - 2Days} 10 horses won Favourites. But Here patients required to look for right race those who are intrested for Betting Race and like visa Upset Race Punters.

As usual my pointer towards Choice/SRTHEME/Explanation for the Day.

1. {Bad Race}
{5} Spectre  {2} Vasuki
Nothing much to say about both horses, but visible looks bright, if there is upset and former based on track work and later {Vasuki} Well placed on Demote and classic sire, tracking well after the Run}

2.  {Betting Range}
{7} Benedetta  {3} Drops of Jupiter
Benedetta {4th in last Run. 3.5kg down jockey change to Guautum Raj . Working well after that Run.} Should Run bold race Here.

Drops of Jupiter {Can be useful all Polls}

3. {Betting Range}
{6} Love is Life {3} First Step
Love is Life {May realise the Winning Knot after impreesive Show last time. 4kg down. Tracking well Especially Trainer doing well sofar}

First Step {Should Place}

4. { Upset will be in Store}
{11} Deliberation  {12} Friends Forever
Delibration {Ignore all the Runs previous Seasom. Working Extremely good on tracks with same jockey who is riding today, to get winning bell, if run on merit}

Friends Forever {Should Place}

5.   {Betting Range}
{4} Madam Bovary  {2} Royal Defence
Madam Bovary {Failed Favourite last Run. Tracking well after that Run. Distance not problem Including Jockey and Trainer who  are doing good this season} Can Amends Here.

Royal Defence {Check the Positive Tote Condition for a Clue, where it Stand}

6. {Betting Range}
{8} Filmscript {11} Scorpene
Filmscript {Upcoming Sire. Ignore both the runs at Bans. Tracking well. Strong Jockey astride to Guide when require at finishing end}

Scorpere { This blog Predicted, when  season started, Cannot Ignore Mysore horse when Bangalore horses are hot to  ??? and it has happen and will happen. This  Contender failed favourite previous Season, but facing tough sire now without trackwork and betting range horses takes it easy may surprise}

7. {Betting Range}
{8} Czar Rule {6} Golden Diamond

{11} Green Meadow  {4} Castlebar

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