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Thursday, December 3, 2015


1. {Betting Range}
{3} Ole  {9} Miss  Wonder {7} Frizbee
Ole {Working Extremely Good on tracks. Will be Favourite.  Will try Start to finish attempt.} Default Contenter.

Miss Wonder {If it takes level jump, Can be useful for All Polls}

Frizbee {Running after long lay off, if fit Should be in Fighting Line}

2. {Betting Range}
{6} Icepick Willie {12} Victory Girl {8} Windyanna
Icepick Willie {With the benefit of run. Should Run a available Bold Race here}

Victory Girl {If it reproduce mysore run. will be in Figting line}

Windyanna {Should Place and Handicap Chance}

3. {Betting Range}
{6} Go Green {9} Ruby Rey  {3} Aceempressjessie
Go Green {If it reproduce track work, Should be ibin Fighting line}

Ruby Rey {Ignore all the Runs, if any upset, will be right there}

Aceempressjessie {Should Place}

4. { Betting Range}
{9} Shining Armor {10} Shivalik Dance {7} Dubai  One 
Shing Armor {Easy 5th to ONLY PRINCESS  12M. 1kg up. Jockey change to A. Imran Khan} Tracking well. } {Should Run a Bold race Here}

Shivalik Dance {Ignore race no 199 Bans. Tracking well.} Can be useful all polls.

Dubai One {Should PLace}

5. {Betting Range}
{ 4} Mystic Music {3} Fresh Start {7} Sheer Elation
Mystic Music {Failed Favourite 4th to TRIUMPH 1600M. Jockey change to John. Tracking well.} {Can Appends Here}

Fresh Star {Should Place}

Sheer Elation {Can be useful all Polls}

6. { Run of the Race}
{9} Wings of Fortune {3} Doc Holiday  {7} Adriphos
Wings of Fortune {With the benefit of runs with younger contenders and now with same age group and  if it takes level jump, Can get Winning knot}

Doc Holiday {Western Contender, Can be useful all Polls}

Adriphos {Should Place}

7. {Bad Race}
{3} Micky Mouse {1} Booker Jones

8. {Upset will be in Store}
{6} Little Love {10} Cool Baby  {7} Albertino
Little Love {Ignore all the runs. If Connection waiting for double. Should run a bold race}

Cool Baby {SShould place, will be in Fighting line}

Albertino {Default Contender}

{12} Sea Dove  {1} Topaz

Jackpot Combination
9  3  7
3  1
6  10  7
12  1

Have  A Suerlative Day


punith messi said...

race 7 suezy oh
race 8 (accuracy) 2nd fav to albertino in race no 40 should follow him

Akhil Netha said...

Great selections sir..