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Friday, December 4, 2015


1. { Betting Range}
{6} Desert Gilt {4} Splendid Brave  {5} Way We were
Desert Gilt {Well Placed. Tracking well. Jockey change to I.Chisty.} Should run a bold race}

Splendid Brave {Ignore both the runs @ Bans. Demote. Can be useful for all polls}

Way We Were {Should Place}

2. {2 year old Maiden @ Enjoy the Race}
{9} Mistress of Spice {6} Fabulous Touch {5} Aster Rose
Mistress of Spice {Tracking well. Should run a bold race on debut}

Fabulous Touch {Should Place and will be in fighting line}

Aster Rose {Classic Sire, Working extremely good on tracks} {Default Contender}

3. {Run of the Race}
{9} Swaksha  {10} Rare and Famous {5} New Prince}
Swaksha {Nice Sire. Check the tote indication.  Tracking well. If it takes level jump, can get winning knot}

Rare and Famous {Can be useful for all polls}

New Prince {IInform Sire. Good on tracks.} Default Contender

4. {Betting Range}
{5} Supreme Dominator {6} Forest Tern {9} Super Queen
Sureme Dominator {Well Placed on Promotion. Jockey change to Rayan Ahmed.} Tracking well.} Distance may be short, still can create futter.

Forest Tern {Should Place}

Super Queen {Well placed on Promoion. Should be in fighting line and will be Favourite}

5. {Interesting Race}
{8} Hunhar {10} Sagrada {6} Colossal Moments
Hunhar {IImpressive winner at  mysore same identical distance. Tracking well} Can Surprise here}

Sagrada {Ignore  Previous Run. Can be useful all Polls}

Colossal Moments {Working extremely good on tracks with same jockey who is riding today} Default Contender

6. {Run of the Race}
{12} Vivid Impression {9} Referent {3} Sun Divine
Vivid Impression {Well Placed on Terms Race. Working extremely good on tracks with same jockey who is riding today} Can  get winning Knot here.

Referent {Can be useful all  polls here}

Sun Divine {Should Place}

7. {The Bangalore 1000 Guineas Grade II}
Upset will be in Store.
{11} Striking View  {4} Intelligent  {6} New Alliance
Striking View {If it reproduce mysore form, Should run a bold race here.}

Intelligent {Impressive win at Hyderabad.  Same Jockey astride} Will be in figting line.

New Alliance {Should Place}

{4} Pippin  {9} Sun Glow  {1} Castle Stuart

{11} Haptic Star  {9} Golden Nimbus

Jackpot Combination

8  10  6
11  4  6
4  9   1

Have a superlative Day


Akhil Netha said...

Sir jii give your Kolkata selections if possible..

punith messi said...

1st race banglore fleet street