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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


1. {Maiden Enjoy the Race}

2. {Betting Range}
{5} Golden Steps {10} Ayman  {1} Beautiful Life
Golden Steps {Good 5th to NATURAL NINE 14M. 1KG down. Same jockey astride. No track work after that Run} Should Run a Bold Race here}

Ayman -{Good 3rd to  FOR YOUR EYES 14M R.No 17. Same Jocke astride.} Should be in fighting line.

Beautiful Life {Can be useful for all Polls}

3. { Upset will be in Store}
{7} Peppr {10} Sharp Girl {2} Aquostic  
Peppr {6th to FOR YOUR EYES in Race no 17 14M. 1.5kg. Jockey change to Afsar} Tracking well with same jockey who is riding today} Should Place.can upset.

Sharp Girl {Easy 3rd to SPEED QUEEN in race no 24 11M. Jockey change to Irfan. } Should be in fighting line

Aquostic {Can be useful all Polls}

4. { Run of the Race}
{12} Catwalk Queen {4}Sky Jet {5}Starstruck
Catwalk Queen {Well placed on promotion. Jockey change to Prabhakara.} Well suited this  Distance. } {Can  upset all calculation here}

Sky Jet {Ignor all the rus. Impressedin gate practice and track work} Should be in fighting line}

Starstruck {Should Place}

5. {Upset will be in Store}
{11} Beautiful Revenge  {2} Saturday Affair {4} Classic King
Beautiful Revenge {Ignore all the runs} If reproduce trackwork Should run a bold race}

Saturday Affair {Should Place}

Classic  King {DDefault Contender}

{8} Esoterical {5} Samay  Balwan {12} London Eye
Esoterical {4th to BEAUTIFUL EFFECT in race no 10 14M. Jockey change to Madhu Babu.} Tracking well with same jockey who is Riding today. Will be in fighting line}

Samay Balwan { Nothing much to say, Working Extremey good on tracks astride RB} {If any Gamble, will be right there}

London Eye {Should Place}

{10} Born to Success {3} Ruthba {2} Storming Home

8. {Betting Range}
{11} Evalina  {4} Bandito {2} Capri

{12} Selfie  {10} Always United

Have a Superlative Day

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