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Saturday, December 12, 2015


Mumbai Second Jackpot Combination {56789} updated @8.06AM on Race Day.

9  7  5  6
7 {Risk to wager due to low odds}
6  7  4  1
{12} {13} 5

1. {Maiden @ Enjoy the Race}
{6} Arak  {3} Star Comrade

2. {Small Field @ Risk}

3. {Betting Range}
{12} Grande Vitesse {4} Denny Crane {3} Turf Dancer
Grande Vitesse {3rd to SOLANCE 14M. Jockey change to C.Alford. } {Should Run a Bold Race Here}

Denny Crane {Running on handicap Race. Regular in trials} {Will be in fighting line}

Turf  Dancer {Should Place}

4. {Maiden Enjoy the Race}
{8} Voulez Vous {3} Star Councillor  
Voulez Vous {Inform Sire, Tracking well, Should run a bold race}

Star Councillor {Multiple entries. Silent sire always shine  on debut. Working Extremely good on tracks with same jockey  who is riding today}

5. { Upset will be in Store}
{9} Jordana {7} Uncle Scrooge {5} Joss 
Jordana {Easy 5th to HEATHER in R.No 19 18M. 4.5kg down. Same Jockey astride.} Should Place. Can Upset.

Uncle Scrooge {Can be useful all polls}

Joss {Should Place}

6 {Betting Range}
{7} The Champ {4} Sensex {9} Pearl Secret

7 {Tough and Interesting Race}
{6} Draco  {7} Eternal Royalty {4} Bon Vivant
Draco {Ignore both the runs @ Pune. Consistent performer at Mumbai. } {Should Place. Can UPSET}

Eternal Royalty {Can be useful all Polls}

Bon Vivant {Default Contender}

8. {Run of the Race}
{12} Star Formation {13} Sweeping Star {5} Eternal Flame
Star Formation {Mysore Horse, Working Extremely good on on tracks, Strong local Jockey astride} Any Upset will be Ride there}

Sweeping Star {Default Contender}

Eternal Flame {Should Place}

{11} Black Bean {7} Quantum

Have a Superlative Day

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