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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

@ Mysore Track

1. {Upset will be in Store}
{6} Act of Glory {9} Namrattaazz {11} Ayman
Act of Glory {Ignore Previous Run Good foward foot finished 9th 12M. Track work notice after that Run.} Can trackle this bunch}

Namrattazz {If it reproduce track work, Should be in fighting line}

Ayman {Best in lot,  had a cut injury in previous run, No track work after that Run}  Default Contender

2. {Run of the Race}
{9} Always United {3} Lake Emerald {10} Lagoona 
Always United {Tracking well, Running Same age group compare to previous Run. Jockey change to Jagadeesh} Should Run a Bold Race Here.

Lake Emerald {Had a Good frward run. 1kg down. Same jockey astride} Tracking well after that Run.} Should be in fighting line.

Lagoona {Can be useful All Polls}

3. {Betting Range}
{8} Subhagya  {4} Rising Little Star  {6} Magic Wave
Subhagya {3rd to NATURAL NINE in race no 19 14M. Same Jockey astride} Working good on tracks after that Run} Should Win, if run on merit

Rising Little Star {Can be useful all polls}

Magic Wave {Will try start to finish attempt}

4. {Betting Range}
{4} Zoe {9} Sans Frontieres {6} Flirting King
Zoe {Impressive winner in race no 18 12M. 4.5kg up} Working Extremely good on tracks astride RB after that Run} Can Repeat again.

Sans Frontieres {Should Place}

Flirting King { Can be useful all Polls}

5. {Looks to be Good Race}
{9} For Your Eyes Only  {10} New Sunrise {2} Sky Jasmine
For your Eyes Only {Impressive 2nd  race no 28 16M. Jocjey change to Chetan Kalay, 1kg down} No track work after that run. Facing younger contender, On merit jockey astride Can Upset}

New Sunrise {Should Place}

Sky Jadmine {Default Cotender}

6. {Upset will be in Store}
{3} Mr Carpe {9} Ice Sprint {1} Dark William
Mr. Cape {With the Run benefit and running pet distance, can create flutter r here}

Ice Sprint {Can be useful all polls}

Dark William {Default Contender}

7. {Betting Range}
{6} Castle King {12} Hallelujah {7} Reanna
Castle king {Purely based on previous running style and 3kg down, same jockey astride} Should Run a bold here.

Hallelujah {If any upset, will be right there}

Reanna {Default Contender}

{9} Sky Jet  {4} Zagato

Jackpot Combination

9  10  2
3  9    1
6  12  7

Have A Superlative Day

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