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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The Card looks Good.

1. {Betting Range}
{7} Act of Glory {6} Ceasaria {4} Touch of Romance
Act of Glory {Ignore previous run, which ran forward. 2kg down. Jockey change Mubarak} Can Shine here.

Ceasaria {Will try Start to finish attempt with 200M less to go, chances are bright} Should Place

Touch of Romance {Default Contender}

2. {{Run of the Race}
{3} Refreshed {5} Catwalk Queen {12} Outer Space
Refreshed {4th laste time in 12M. Extended trip will suit better. Jockey change to Md. Shoaib} Should Run a Bold Race}

Catwalk Queen  {Covered enormous good finished 4th in race no 35 in Higher Class. Well placed on demote. Same jockey astride.} Should be in fighting line for top Spot.

Outer Space {Well placed on Promotion. tracking well. Will try start to finish attempt}

3. {Skip the Race or look for longer odds}
{8} On Her Own {9} Precious Script {1} Diamond Attraction
On Her  Own {Working Extremely good on tracks.  Running on Handicap Race on Debut} Should Run a Bold Race Here}

Precious Script {Should Place}

Diamond Attraction {Default Contender based on Weight}

{8} The Disciple {9} Color Proof {12} Premier Ace
The Disciple {Working extremey good on tracks.} If it takes level jump, Should be in fighting line}

Colour Proof {Should Place}

Premier Ace {Can be useful all polls}

5. {Upset will be in Store}
{9} Saturday Affair {3} Generous Gesture  {11} Western Fleet 

 6 {Maiden at enjoy the race}
{3} King of the World {7} Countrys Princess {1} Country Courage

{1}Class is Class {4} Flash Drive {8} Arrete

{12} Amazing {11} Sufficient Proof

Jackpot Combination
{Add or Delete}
8  9   12
9  3   11
1  4  8
12  11

Have A Superlative Day

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punith messi said...

saturday affair and class is class good tip sir